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1997 is like a sacred place to any horse racing enthusiast. A legendary website, derived by the namesake newspaper with tremendous circulation success across the UK, it was (and still is) the No1 location, where all about horse racing begins: From the simplest, as the daily schedule of races around the world, to the most complicated, as the latest news and tips. A partly-free website, racingpost is really unique even about their free information offered. There’s a paid service, containing more benefits for punters wishing to make money out of horse racing.

If the site is updated

I shouldn’t even comment on that… Up-to-date information is a key issue at this website, with daily schedules of races across the UK, but also elsewhere in Europe, Asia and South Africa. The cards” section contains a brief card on every single race available, where all information is gathered together. At the “News” section you can find a complete list of news and analysis about all races.

The “Results” section is renewed every few minutes with all fact and even videos of every race. There’s also a Raceday Live” section, where you can live all the live coverage in real time, getting all the predictions and results as they’re shown at the website. There’s also a “Bloodstock” section with all news about new horses, selling and buying and jockeys.

Special offers

As already mentioned,  is a partly-free website. To be precise, it’s an all-free website with a special section, where you have to subscribe and pay some £34.99 a month for the ultimate package and £14.50 for the essential package. Given the accuracy and plurality of information given, this could be considered an offer, but I use to review only the free part.

The “Tipping” section is a real free offer, as it contains analysis and free tips from all over daily races. Even all “naps” are shown together in a page for those who don’t like to click all over just to find the best tips. There are offers from various bookmakers exclusively to new customers. With the Swift bet service you can even place a bet on your selected online bookmakers without leaving the racingpost app.

If the user experience is good

Even though the bulk of information offered in the website is tremendous, has been organized in such way, which is not confusing. Covering all needs, from the beginner’s to the horse racing world to the professional punters who’d like to have the slightest piece of valuable information and statistics, racingpost is applying to everyone. Even those hasty will find what they need with a few clicks, although the whole structure and sense of the website is absolutely business-like, not gaming.

If it’s modern

If modernity to websites is finding whatever you like in the upper frontpage with the minimum clicks required, is getting a high rank. The professionalism, present at the website from day 1, and the sense that you’re reading a newspaper (the pedigree cannot be left out) are the website’s key elements and there are not cancelled in any way. So, a lot of progress has been done since the first version of the website back in 1997. There’s a new touch every approximately two years.

If it’s social media friendly

There has been an organized campaign at social media over the years, leading to tremendous numbers of followers, subscribers and page likes. The Facebook page has over 185.000 likes, as there are more than 10 different posts daily. Twitter account is also active with many tweets (usually reproducing the daily news) with 153.000 followers. Instagram photos attract more than 74.000 followers and there’s also a Youtube channels with daily races presentations and previews. 

If banner positions are good

Well, banners positions are good in the front page, as all right side is dedicated to presenting online bookmaker’s offers (you have to click, though, to see the offer). There are occasional pop-up windows, advertising not some specific bookie, but a service of the website itself. After all, by offering the Swift bet guides punters automatically to specific bookmakers.

Final Score (4,9) ♠♠♠♠♠

Racing Post employs approximately 300 permanent staff and expanded in 2018 by acquiring a majority stake in the leading sports betting website and app business, Apsley, as well as the acquisition of Leeds-based ICS Media Group, a content provider and digital marketing agency. This huge organization is obvious to every website visitor, as there’s nothing which cannot be found. A complete site, alright.

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