SiGMA launches third pillar in its events portfolio: SiGMA LatAm

Trifecta of events across Europe, Asia, and the Americas solidifies SiGMA’s presence on the world’s iGaming stage

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of SiGMA LatAm. The event will be held from September 22-24, 2020, with a virtual summit focusing on two themes: SiGMA LatAm Focus and SiGMA Deep Tech. 

SiGMA LatAm Focus will run for 3 hours daily, 14:00 – 17:00 CET (9:00 – 12: 00 GMT-3 Brazil Time), while SiGMA Deep Tech opens from 18:00 – 20:00 CET (13:00 – 15:00 GMT-3 Brazil Time).

Both virtual conferences will take place on the same dates.

The 2-day conference will connect 70 top speakers from diverse sectors of the LatAm gaming and tech industry, with cutting-edge, free-of-charge debate expected to attract delegates and industry players from across the globe.

“We have a strong workforce in Malta, in Kiev and in Manila. It’s time for SiGMA to grow its portfolio and expand outside its comfort zone, covering all time zones with a new office in the Americas” said SiGMA Group Founder Eman Pulis.

Pulis went on to elaborate, “It was a very close call between Buenos Aires and São Paulo. We eventually chose the latter for two reasons – there’s already a great presence of media and events offices in Buenos Aires and we don’t want to replicate more of the same or compete with our friends. In addition, the sheer market potential and current appetite for regulation in Brazil gave us more reasons to set offices there.”

The interactive experience, which will be accessible to everyone, will feature a series of panel discussions and keynotes from leading industry contributors throughout the region, bringing top speakers together for discussions that will engage the LatAm gaming and tech communities and shape the fast-changing regulatory landscape in the continent.

Originally, the plan was to launch this summit in 2022, however, COVID-19 motivated us to bring the audience together at this critical moment and speed things up a little. Brazilian Federal Deputy Pompeo de Mattos, for instance, believes casinos will be a vaccine for coronavirus, saying that taxing gaming money could jump-start the country’s economy in the wake of COVID-19.

“It would generate taxes, income for the government, and it would help us recover the economy. It would create jobs. It’s a perfectly possible, viable and necessary alternative to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus crisis,” said de Mattos.

The agenda covers a number of hot topics, including in-depth focus on Columbian, Brazilian, Argentinian, Venezuelan, Mexican, and Peruvian markets. Panels will also look at the M&A appetite in LatAm post-COVID-19, as well as examining the legislative landscape.

Following’s entry into the Brazilian market, Rafael Costa, Country Manager for Brazil, said, “The subject about iGaming regulation is gradually taking more space on political agendas. Bolsonaro and his Financial Minister Paulo Guedes, already expressed positive signs regarding regulations in Brazil. The biggest challenge for their team will be building a competitive model, in order to avoid mistakes that happened on other recently regulated markets.”

The event follows strong interest in SiGMA-ICE Asia Digital, which launched earlier this year, and which has seen huge interest from an industry keen to solidify connections amidst the health pandemic. SiGMA’s foray into Latin America is the third pillar in SiGMA Group’s portfolio of events, adding to a strong global presence throughout Asia and Europe with flagship shows in Manila and Malta both holding events post-COVID-19.

From fresh content to help navigating through these turbulent times, SiGMA LatAm is a vital tool for operators, suppliers and affiliates already operating or looking to take advantage of the huge opportunities opening up in key markets across the continent. If you’re exploring the Americas as a new frontier, or wondering which tech solutions to embrace, we’ve got you covered on September 22-24.

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About SiGMA Expo

SiGMA is a global event, positioned at the cutting edge of the iGaming industry, which has evolved since 2014 into the definitive iGaming showcase, operating on both a European and world stage. 

In 2019, the iGaming summit SiGMA in Malta welcomed a record breaking 15,000 attendees from over 80 countries and over 400 sponsors and exhibitors, and 200 industry­ leading speakers. 

The event facilitates growth within the iGaming sector, and has now become the largest expo for the industry in Europe.

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#SiGMAlatam: Every day from 14:00 – 17:00 CET -// 9:00 – 12:00 GMT – 3 (Brazil Time)

This event brings the Americas closer to delegates from Europe and Asia, with an interesting agenda featuring a line-up of speakers that showcases the company’s commitment to covering the various gaming verticals. Explore the agenda here.


#SiGMAdeeptech: Every day from 18:00 – 20:00 CET // 13:00 – 15:00 GMT -3 (Brazil Time)

By Techies, for Techies. SiGMA Deep Tech shines a spotlight on expert tech leaders, CTOs and developers. Topics such as AI, Big Data, UI, open-source vs licensed tech and much more will be addressed during the talks. Explore the agenda here.

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