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Italy is one of the few states which rushed to regulate the gambling market, both in sports betting and casino betting. That’s why a website dedicated exclusively to the Italian sot machine market is more than necessary. This need is covered in a more than appropriate way by the new website 

Every slot machine enthusiast who’s not familiar with English and wants reliable and accurate information in his mother tongue has found a trustworthy guide. On you will find all the practical information you need to know for playing on an online casino in Italy. On this website Italian players find detailed reviews that include the main features of each licensed casino and the best bonuses and promotions available. 

If the site is updated is a brand new website in the slot machine industry, as has been launched Some months ago. They’ve taken advantage of this short time period, though, to develop themselves into a complete guide. Offering information about slot machines in Italian, which is not so common, is really important, as the vast majority of the websites have only an English version.

In the “Casinos online 2019” section you can find a list with over 20 casinos registered in Italy. They’re ranked by the website’s administrators, well-reviewed for their convenience, their bonuses and variety of play. In each there is information about the non-deposit bonus, the first deposit bonus and payment methods. There’s also a full review in Italian with everything you’d like to know.

Special offers

A real plus of, making it interesting even for non-Italian speakers, is the free slot machines section. Contains an expanding list of nearly every slot machine available to Italian enthusiasts. Every single of them has a full review with useful information about the style of play and various bonuses. To save time you can also use the search button “cerca la slot” to find a specific slot machine. There’s also a list of non-deposit bonus casinos. The list is structured as the main casino list mentioned above. At the bottom side there’s plenty of information about free spinning.

If the user experience is good

Visiting the website guarantees that you’ll find the information you need about slot machines. You can have easy and quick access to them and you can fully understand, as all articles are written in the simplest way. With just a few clicks you can find, compare and decide. The sense of quickness, along with the completeness of the work done on reviews, is making exceptional. 

If it’s modern

How couldn’t be? It’s only a few months old! A simple menu with only three main categories and a big search button for those in a hurry. All second-level information, such as the “news” section (Noticias) and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are found at the bottom. There’s a big “return to top” button when the scrolling down is huge, to help you return to the top instantly.

If it’s social media friendly

There’s a Facebook page, but is completely inactive. And this is the only social media page they have. Apparently they’d put their efforts in trying to contribute more content to the website instead of trying digital marketing. But they have all the time they’d like to develop.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, which are ads themselves, has no other advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all casinos listed are fully reviewed.

Final Score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠ is a very promising project. At first glance, their potential audience is a limited one, and the demand of hitting large numbers is low, but they became strong enough to appear in first organic pages on certain keywords. As they’re attracting all Italian speakers they count on their visitor’s loyalty instead of multitude. Lots of work has been done, that’s for sure.

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