Social vs. Real Money casinos in Canada

Let’s be honest: What’s more exciting, spinning at an online casino for real money or playing Texas Hold’em at home with friends using nutshells as cash? The betting and gambling experience might be the same, because in both cases you have to use your mind and have a bit of luck. However, is this shivering feeling the same?

This is the real question you have to ask yourselves when it comes to the differences between the Social and Real Online Casinos in Canada. It’s no lie that online casino games are taking over the gaming industry, but the growth is due to so-called “social casinos”, online platforms where you can instantly play games for free. This article will help you locate the differences between the two and realize their advantages and disadvantages.

No reward on winning

We could mention some minor differences between social and real money online casinos in Canada (on graphics, plurality of games, modernized platforms etc.) but it’s useless. The main difference, the one that counts, is that in real money casinos you can turn your winnings into cash, while that’s impossible with social games. End of story.

So, when you’re getting on visiting a casino, it’s your turn to decide: What do you REALLY expect? You’d like to pass a couple of hours in front of your screen just for fun and no excitement? It’s like trying to guess the numbers of the lottery WITHOUT betting on them. No matter how successful you are, you get nothing as a reward. Not to mention this feeling of emptiness when you win big in a social casino: “What would it look like if it was for real”? Ask some standard social casino players, how often they feel like this.

Timeless gambling with REAL money

On the contrary, when trying real money casinos you know you have to deposit cash to start playing. But, you can also play for ages without losing a single cent and still have an actual hope of winning big. How’s that? Almost all real casinos offer you free spins, even daily! You can take advantage of these extra coins, plus a small amount of your initial deposit, choose the minimum stake and play for a really long time! You’ll see that if you’re focused enough and feel when to raise the stake and when to lower it, not only you won’t lose, but you’ll earn some extra money instead! If you need more information about legal gaming in Canada, the Treasury Board of Canada is the place you should visit.

Fake winners and ads

Try asking a social online casino gambler about his opinion on casino games. Most of them will tell you that it’s easy to win! That’s because social online casino games are manufactured in such a way, to instill the feeling that you never lose when playing. So, they cause more addicted players, who start from the social casinos and when they turn up to the real business, they realize that it’s a whole different situation.

However, one of the most disturbing things is the ads deluging your screen, popping up almost all the time and distracting you from the excitement of play. These ads are the main reason social casinos exist: To push you into the real casinos.

It’s true that social casinos are used as an anteroom for the real casinos: Most social casino players are engaged more often to their favorite games than the real casino players. But, when you’d like to play only for fun, you could easily try the “fun money” section of a real casino. It would be easier for you to get accustomed to the variety of games without risking a single cent of your deposit.

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