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Top Betting Apps (TBA) is a review site dedicated to covering UK sports betting for apps, which is something that isn’t wildly common among affiliate sites. More specifically, the information they provide covers parameters, stats and promos specific for apps. They also have sections for horse racing and football betting apps, which are the most popular markets to bet on in the UK. As it is a review site, we did come across several in-depth reviews of all the major UK bookies that offer apps as well as newcomers to the industry. The review writers speak like they have experience in the industry beyond simply being players, which is also a nice touch. Beyond that, there is also a blog that talks about different interesting apps that sports lovers in the UK may find useful. 

If the site is updated

From what we could see, Top Betting Apps appears to be kept up to date. New content is added to the blog and new reviews have been added to the site within the past month. Additionally, we noticed as we perused through the site’s many reviews that TBA does a good job of updating the promotion sections of the brands they review, providing visitors with the latest scoop on the most recent sign up promo and ongoing offers.   

Special Offers

As Top Betting Apps is an affiliate site, within each review you can find a mobile (and app)-friendly welcome offer related to the brand being reviewed. They also have a page dedicated to “Mobile Betting Offers” where they list a large number of the best offers that are up to date. Free bets, exchange bets, double the odds bets, first deposit bonuses, etc. are all part of the mix.

If the user experience is good

TBA is a very user-friendly site.  The site has a comfortable layout and is easily searchable with the help of various categories and sub-categories. We also liked that they even had sections devoted to “Horse Racing Apps”, “Football Betting”, “New Betting Apps”, “iOS Betting” and “Android Betting”. All of this helps to further fine-tune the user experience, allowing visitors to easily investigate whatever category best suits the sports betting app experience they’re aiming to have.

TBA claims to offer “comprehensive reviews” so we tested the Betfair review which proved to be both extensive and unbiased, in our opinion. We chose this review because we’re Android users and the Betfair app for Android seems more popular than iOS. The review is of a high quality and does seem to be created by actual people with experience in the betting industry, the type of experience of an editor or brand employee.

If it is modern

The site is very modern in its design and is easy on the eyes. There’s no particular theme to the site, but the blue, orange and white colour scheme works well with the overall fresh and friendly feel of the site. Naturally, it’s mobile-compatible and its contemporary look suits smaller screens as well. TBA has a very “on top of their game” vibe. There’s nothing clunky or dated about it.

If it’s social media friendly

TBA is not on social media. There are no social media buttons on the site and they do not appear to be on Twitter, Facebook or any other social channel. Having a social media presence could take this brand to another level. 

Final Score (4.6) ♠♠♠♠

All in all, Top Betting Apps is a pretty solid site that provides plenty of useful information to UK mobile sports punters who prefer to bet via app. What’s more, the site has a blog, offers suggestions for useful apps for sports betting, and puts visitors in touch with offers specific to mobile betting. Although it could certainly benefit from social media, it has a lot to offer in terms of valuable and unbiased content. 

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