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Year of establishment

Based on the website news archive TLF is online since 2011. In 2017 the website joined LCB Network.

TwoLittleFleas.co.uk (TLF) is home honest reviews written in-house by their team of bingo enthusiasts. They provide a variety of ways to find your favourite online gambling destination whether you’re comparing new sites, on the hunt for no deposit bingo or seeking out free bingo games. In addition to this wealth of information, TLF features guides to help players get started and current news to keep you in the industry loop.

If the site is updated

According to info posted on TLF website, their sections about new bingo sites and no deposit bingo pages are updated whenever they discover something that is worth bringing to your attention. Normally, this happens at least once a month; however, in some cases, it could be as frequent as once a week!

Their reviews are regularly updated so that they reflect the experience of the players. In reality, this means updates every two-three days, which is more than an acceptable level.

Special offers

TLF main attraction is ‘TOP 10 Bingo Sites’ section, which is the most visible part of the website. Every single member of TOP 10 has a registration bonus in its offer, so this should be enough to satisfy ‘special offers’ hunters.

If the user experience is good

More than good. Either potential or experienced bingo players will have their hands (and eyes) full when visiting TLF. There’s a lot of interesting content available here. Besides day-to-day stuff, we especially recommend checking out ‘Fall and rise of bingo’ article, which not only is a really interesting read but it’s also presented in a very eye-pleasing way. Same praise should be said regarding ‘Bingo Guide’.

It all sounds very good, but we couldn’t shake off feeling that ‘Two Little Fleas” best days are already behind it. ‘Bingo offers’ section is still updated frequently, but ‘Bingo news’ updates took a step back recently. It’s been a three year since ‘Blog section’ had a new article, and there are also question marks regarding social media activity (more about it later).

If it is modern

TLF website is simple but looks fresh and is very accessible. On top of it, light colours and two fleas visible everywhere give the site a very light-hearted look. Visitors can also register on the TLF website to get news and offers straight into their inbox. Mobile version also looks and runs well.

If it is social media friendly

Not really. Links to Twitter and Facebook are visible, but Twitter wasn’t updated since 2017, and Facebook link didn’t seem to be active, at least not while we were preparing this review.

If banner positions are good

We found only one banner advertising at the top, and it seems that this resource has no purpose to attract the attention of those who wish to place banners, even if there are lots of available spots to place them.

Final score (4,5) ♠♠♠♠

Two Little Fleas is a very solid resource for folks looking for bingo offer and content.  We enjoyed doing this review, so we imagine visitors also have a good time when checking it out. But we also think the final score would be higher if we would do this review one-two years ago, and there’s also a feeling that it could be lower if visiting TLF website in the future. Hopefully, we are wrong about it.

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Preferred business model

Affiliate Marketing, Bingo & Casino Reviews

Contact details

Company Website: https://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/contact/

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twolittlefleas

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/twolittlefleas

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