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The Wizard of Odds is Michael Shackleford, a former professional actuary who has made a career of analyzing casino games. He runs the numbers on new games for casinos and game developers and has helped design many of the popular slot machines on the Internet.  As of today, Wizard of Odds is a part of the Latest Casino Bonuses network of sites, but Shackleford remains the main content supplier for this site.

If the site is updated

The website is updated frequently, but at first, we were struggling to actually find updates there. You can put blame on us though, as a black bar on the left side called ‘What’s new’ should do a trick here. Visitors can also sign-up for e-mail updates.

Special offers

Wizard of Odds doesn’t offer them directly, but there is a link for ‘Recommended Online Casinos’. There were three casinos listed there during the time this article was written, and all had bonuses in their offer.

We like the fact that all three also had a quality review done by the website, so a visitor can learn about the specific casino and use his judgment before blindly following Wizard of Odds recommendation.

If the user experience is good

Very. There is 20+ years of work behind the site and it’s clearly seen when visiting it. The top bar at wizardsofodds.com has six major sections and all of them include tons of valuable information.

To illustrate the point how much content it is available, let us mention that ‘Ask the wizard’ section has 313 episodes. Would you think there’s a question which wasn’t answered it yet?

If it is modern

For us, it’s modern enough. The website works fast enough, has a good mix of colours and sections and articles are grouped in a logical way. The mobile version works well too. Another plus is lack of popup windows or animated ads.

If it is social media friendly

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all active, but it seems that the level of activity depends on Mr Shackleford availability. So, when for example he is visiting the Grand Canyon (like he did in April) it’s hurting social media activity a little bit.

We would also prefer to see direct links to articles when mentioning them on Twitter and Facebook, which is not the policy at the moment.

If banner positions are good

According to the website “We’re picky about who can advertise here. The Wizard himself personally reviews all potential advertisers before they can buy an ad, and he turns down about half of all applicants. The Wizard won’t advertise a casino unless he feels it’s a safe and honest place to gamble, and promises to act as an arbitrator if a reader has a problem with an advertiser that they can’t resolve on their own.”

So, the website provides banner advertising with either three or four spots available. Usually they are placed at the bottom of the website, but they are switching to much more visible right column when visiting sections like ‘Play For Fun’.

Final score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

Wizard of Odds is an excellent resource for someone looking for high-quality information on all aspects of gambling and casinos adventure, with some extra info on sports betting as well. We can recommend it for either beginning or more advanced players, as there is a lot of various content available there.

Main traffic markets

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia

Preferred business model

Provides odds, strategies for table games, online slot review, casino reviews, software reviews

Contact details

Company Website: https://wizardofodds.com/

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wizard-of-Odds-569798273073532/

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wizard0fOdds

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