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11 applications for a sportsbook licence in Hesse

iGaming regulation in Germany is a long ongoing process and negotiations for a long-term regulatory model will continue into 2020. Last year, Germany ratified Third State Treaty on Gambling, which is applied for 16 federal states, while until 2021 Schleswig-Holstein will be permitted to continue with its own model.

The Ministry of the Interior in the German state of Hesse, Peter Beuth said that this State Treaty which expires in June 2021 is only a shirt-term effort and revealed that his state has received 11 applications for sports betting licences. “Another seven operators made binding commitments to make submissions” he added.

“According to the current status of applications, at least 75% of operators active in the German sports betting market were intending to apply for a licence. This is a good sign for player protection in Germany,” Beuth mentioned.

Hesse and more specific the Regional Council of Darmstadt has been tasked with overseeing the licensing process, and has mastered the gambling regulation while negotiating between the states.

Beuth wants a more liberal regulation and warned against “over-regulation”, which he said could drive players to unlicensed operators. “The states must work together to find solutions that protect the player but at the same time represent a regulatory framework that [is viable for the operator” he said.

Note that Beuth has warned that failure to adopt a more liberal regulatory framework by 2021 could force Hesse to break away from Germany’s other 15 states to create its own model!

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