5 Things to Look for when Searching for the Best Online Bookmaker

With the coronavirus pandemic causing the closure of sports betting shops around the globe, people are turning to online bookmakers to fill the demand gap.

Unfortunately, the reality is not all bookmakers provide an equal service to their customers. Each bookie has an independent set of terms and conditions. Most people think the T&Cs are all the same between companies, but they’re wrong.

Choosing the right bookie for your sports betting is challenging, but azBookmakers has a few tips for you. We know what to look for in the right online bookie, and we’re going to share it with you right now.

Here are five things to look for when searching for the best online bookmaker.

#1 Check the KYC and AML Policies Surrounding Withdrawals

When you’re signing up with a bookie, chances are you can’t wait to get playing. You just can’t wait for the funds to reflect in your bookie account, giving you the opportunity to bet on tonight’s NFL game.

In the thrill of anticipation, you neglect to read the terms and conditions presented to you by the bookie – who cares anyway? Social media and online sites conditioned us over the last few years to ignore reading T&Cs.

The result is most of just click the agreement box and worry about it later. After a few games, you’re feeling proud of yourself. You cracked a jackpot, and you’re ready to make a profitable withdrawal from your bookie account.

That’s when they hit you with requests for your proof of residence and photo ID. The bookie also claims they can’t pay you out until you fulfill the information request. They go on to tell you you’ll have to wait for three to five business days for the bookie to confirm your identity and process a withdrawal.

It pays you to sign up with fast withdrawal betting sites that let you withdraw instantly. Always check the terms and conditions surrounding KYC and AML policies held by the bookie before funding your account.

#2 Check the Max Wagers and Limits

Max wagers and limits are different betting options. If you start winning, some bookies try to limit your account.

It’s an unethical practice, but when bookies start bleeding cash, some of them try to fleece the customer. Check that your bookie doesn’t have any clauses in the T&Cs setting max wagers or betting limits.

There are plenty of horror stories online of punters that started a winning streak, only to find they couldn’t increase their betting limit. Avoid playing at bucket shops that feel they know how to reduce risk.

Bookies set these limits to ensure that they don’t have players capitalizing on hot streaks or insider information. However, it’s an unethical practice, and it places a ceiling on your winnings.

Choose a bookie that’s transparent with their service offering. Look online for reviews by credible authorities and search social media to see what people are saying about your prospective bookie online.

#3 Look for Your Preferred Payout Methods

In a traditional bookmaker shop, you’re placing bets with Dollars, Euros, or the hard currency of the country you’re betting in. However, in the digital realm, you have many more options.

Do you feel like taking your payment in Dollars Euros or Swiss Francs – online bookmakers offer all those currency methods.

However, where online bookmakers shine is in the versatility of their payment offerings. Some online betting shops allow payments using Skrill, Stripe, PayPal, or other e-wallets.

Some bookies allow deposits and payouts in gift cards or prepaid cards. You even get bookies that transact in cryptocurrency. You can choose to fund your account or withdraw your winnings in ETH, BTC, and a variety of other popular cryptos.

Choosing a bookie with multiple payment options gives you the chance to withdraw in any currency. However, as mentioned earlier, make sure you check the terms and conditions around withdrawals and KYC policies.

Look for fast withdrawal bookmakers that offer speedy withdrawals in 24-hours or less. If you’re withdrawing a serious amount of money over $10,000, it may take longer, as the tax authorities might decide to involve themselves in your affairs.

Make sure you read through the companies withdrawal policy and choose a bookie offering favorable terms for fast payouts.

#4 Quick and Easy Funding

Withdrawal of your winnings is a primary concern when signing up for the best online bookmaker. However, the terms and conditions surrounding your account’s funding are also critical to your choice of betting service.

When you deposit money into your betting account, you’re expecting an instant reflection in your account. Waiting for 24 to 48-hours for funds to appear in your account is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, there are so many scam sites out there now that it’s hard to ensure you’re dealing with a legit bookmaker.

Before signing up with any service, it’s critical to do your due diligence on the site.

There are some horror stories on review sites and social media of players waiting over a month for the bookie to credit their online account.

When you sign up with your bookmaker, you want to make sure you can create and fund an account in as short a time as possible. Waiting around could cost you opportunity and money.

#5 Don’t Forget to Look for Good Customer Service

When you’re signing up with an online bookmaker, make sure you test the companies service. Your prospective bookie should have as many lines of communication to the customer as possible.

Look for companies offering email customer support, as well as phone calls, and live chat options. Live chat is possibly the most important.

However, many bookies use bots to manage their support. The programmers relate to a set of frequently asked questions and spit out pre-written answers. Most of the time, the responses to your questions come worded like you think you’re talking to a real person.

To test the bookie’s system and see if you get access to a real customer support team, ask an irrelevant question, like “what is the name of your dog.” If there’s a real person on the other side of the chat, they’ll ask you what you mean. If you get a response relating to a platform question, you know it’s a bot.

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