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A lot to see with SBC

There is something that I cannot hide. From all the industry sites and exhibition organizers, I give both thumbs up to SBCnews.co.uk. It is not just that they are growing fast and organize events. It is the quality of the events and the respect that they give to their guests.

They organize 3 to 4 amazing events every year where the most interesting stuff is the daily events they have prepared for participants and the ability to have real fun.

At the end of May they organized the SBC Annual Championship and gave for one more time to their clients the opportunity to play football in Stamford Bridge and make them feel like they are Drogba or Hazard.

And on the heels of this, they organized a one-day event in Malta, the “The Search for Innovation”. It was a short event and straight to the point taking place in the Mecca of online gambling.

I heard that SBC is looking to expand their business to South America. Good luck to them, and I think they will make it. Honestly, these guys are tops.

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