Baidu online gambling probe is just getting started

In China, the lottery operations are increasing year by year. People who are joining online gambling platforms are researching articles and information about web pages promoting gambling. The study into Baidu’s alleged links to unauthorized online gambling sections continues much rapidly.

China’s internet regulator said that after investigating Baidu, they found out illegal gambling websites were using a country’s biggest search engine for advertising themselves.

On Wednesday, The Ministry of Finance reported that August’s lottery sales have risen after July 2020. Increasement is not stopping for 18 months.  The government is planning to shut down all lottery products for four days in October. China’s technologists are continuing to work on last week’s news that contained authorities arresting Shi Youcai. He was the veteran executive tech giant in Baidu and he was illegally promoting online gaming advertisements via Baidu’s famous search engine.

An analyst who was very close with Baidu said that when Shi returned to the company, he loosened the criteria managing what types of companies would have access to the search engine. The company is not tolerable with any violations of laws, that is why they are working to find out what happened with Shi.

The Cyberspace Administration of China said that the results will be very strict because they will handle any illegal behavior in their country. Gambling in China has been illegal since 1949. Online gambling has affected China and it is driven by events like the Euro 2016 soccer championship. Tech giants tried to crack them down but there are many apps and sites that need to be found out in the future too.

Difference between Baidu and Google and how the new regulations will affect Southeast Asian Nations

Google is the global search engine when Baidu is the main search engine in China. 74.6% of the national population is using Baidu for researching. Google and Baidu are operating in related web spheres. Baidu is directed by the state government, the company is promising and expected to grow dominance in China. Based on the number of searches, Baidu has a unique style and offerings for Chinese people.

The platform is based on Chinese legal requirements, that is why such a fact of breaking the law is very painful for them. If the laws will be more strict, after some time, they will affect not only China but the neighbors of the country too. It will surely reach ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which is the regional organization that brings together diverse neighbors to help the difficulties with security, political issues, and economics. Among those countries are Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The law-breaking associated with promoting the online gambling web pages by Baidu will affect Malaysia too because Online gambling is illegal in there and all of these countries are fighting against the one idea. They want a secure experience for their population. Malaysia’s online gambling regulation was written decades ago and none of them are mentioning online gambling and the act of placing bets online, but still, for the most part, online gambling is brushed under the rug.

That still doesn’t mean that online gambling is risk-free in Malaysia. There are thousands of calls asking for banning the online gambling platforms for the Malaysian, but the Malaysians who are joining the online gambling, are doing that without a worry in the world. They are sure that if they will stick with major names in gambling, they will be allowed to make deposits, place bets as long as they want to do tha

t. The people who are joining online gambling platforms more wisely are sticking with international sites and not the sites which are based in Malaysia or China. Malaysia is a Muslim country, so nearly every form of gambling is illegal, doesn’t matter if it’s online or land-based.

China and online gambling

China is strictly against any kind of gambling. Online, Offline – Doesn’t matter. Both of them are punishable with fines and even imprisonment. The sad fact is that Chinese people are not always paying attention to the laws. Online gambling in China is massive, notwithstanding the laws and government’s attempts to guard people against themselves. China is a place where no vice is legal, but every vice is tolerated. How? It is just what it is. The closest thing in China to betting is the national lottery.

There are big cities in China where gambling is more or less accepted. Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are three of them.

Legitimate gambling in China

The only two government-approved lotteries are Welfare Lottery and Sports lottery. The Welfare Lottery is regulated by the Ministry of Civil affairs. It has been allowed in the country since 1987. Since 1994, the Sports lottery has been administered by the China sports lottery administration center.

Chinese Gambling

Chinese people are really known in the gambling world. They have the highest aptitude to gamble. Despite the laws, Chinese people are having a very long history of gambling. The first record of gambling was recorded 4.000 years ago and it is still popular since then. There are even games, which originated in China. For example, games like the lottery, tien gow, fan tan, and mahjong. In the past century, Shanghai was one of the biggest cities for Chinese gamblers. They were so attracted to this city that they used to stay there just for gambling. Chinese gamblers were playing games like roulette and large gambling complexes.

Nowadays, the legal lottery is available in most of the regions of China. Every week, there are ships that are holding hundreds of people who are willing to gamble in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, because they like to play on the onboard casinos. The Chinese gamblers call it “a cruise to nowhere” and that means that they are gambling on the international waters.

By knowing more about the Chinese gamblers, one can see many sides of their history, culture, and psychology. One can understand more about Chinese gamblers’ behavior by their history in the gambling industry.

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