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Benjie Cherniak: «If US odds pricing is critical to your operation, DBS is the ‘go to’ provider of such services»

President of Don Best Sports, Benjie Cherniak spoke to Gamblers Post about biggest achievement and advantages of DBS, as well as further expanding all available sports in the North American betting landscape.

First of all, please, tell a little to our readers about Don Best. Where’d the idea come from, and what’s the story on how the company came about? How long has Don Best been in operation for?

– The Don Best sports information service has been operational since 1995 and is considered the leading provider of real-time odds pricing and associated data services and solutions for North American sports events and competitions to established and regulated businesses in the global land-based and remote sports betting industry.

The service started as an informational service for private bettors but shifted over the years to include a far stronger focus on B2B and digital distribution to Sportsbook Operators outside of the US.  Based in Las Vegas, our key focus is on the creation, management, compilation and electronic distribution of sports information pertaining to North American sports events.

Effectively, the Company always acts as a custodian for the proper and timely delivery of the valuable information on which the client relies – in real-time.

What was your company’s biggest achievement during this years?

– Our focus in recent years has been the development of a proprietary pricing division to facilitate the growing demand for In-Play odds for US sports from the European market primarily.  As such, the business has become far less reliant on revenue streams dependent on information sourced from third parties that have become increasingly commoditised.

Our blue-chip global customer base for proprietary services reinforces our market reputation and positions us perfectly for the opening up of the US market.

What advantages does Don Best offer compared to the competition?

– When it comes to US sports, we provide the most in-depth coverage in the market, with particular emphasis placed on the cross-referencing and verification of industry-critical game information that we filter and/or create.  Examples of such information include event scheduling, event identification, creation and sourcing of proprietary and/or 3rd party lines and associated propositional wagers (props) by type, market and (line) movement(s), team lineups, player injuries, game start and end times, game scores by period and scoring event, scoring player and other critical statistical and line updates.

Moreover, we provide a comprehensive Pre-Match and In-Play Odds Pricing service, covering all North American Sports events, including NCAA basketball and football. To facilitate this, DBS operates the only full-service, dedicated Odds Pricing Floor in the United States from its Las Vegas office.

In a nutshell – if US odds pricing is critical to your operation, DBS is the ‘go to’ provider of such services.

What can you tell us about Don Best future plans?

– To further develop our proprietary services – expand the available sports and league coverage and to leverage our unique position in the North American betting landscape.

Are there any further things we have not covered that you would like our readers to know?

We are excited by the opportunities US legalization represents and it will be fascinating to see how our philosophy translates into servicing the local market.

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