BetBlocker granted UK charity status

BetBlocker, the responsible gambling app funded and developed by alternative dispute mediation service, has been approved as a charity in the UK.

BetBlocker allows users to control their access to over 6,700 gambling operator sites by activating the app and selecting the length of exclusion that they desire. Users can choose their own restriction length, anywhere from 24 hours to 5 years.

Once activated, it restricts the device and the exclusion cannot be lifted until the period has concluded. The exclusion also allows users to restrict black market gambling services that would ordinarily ignore responsible gambling requests made by players.

“We started BetBlocker to assist vulnerable player who were complaining to our service about gambling operators. The project has proved to be far more popular that we ever expected and has expanded far beyond the original userbase it was intended to help. It has become abundantly clear that the service that BetBlocker offers is one that a large number of people could benefit from,” said Duncan Garvie, Manager of

Consumers will be invited to make a donation to BetBlocker, but the app will remain free to use for all players. So far, it has 40k downloads across the various platforms.

“There are many organisations, both charitable and businesses, within the gambling industry that see providing assistance to those experiencing gambling addiction as a priority and we have no doubt that cooperation with other groups will help ensure that BetBlocker continues to grow and develop in a manner that ensures that it offers the most useful service possible,” added Garvie.

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