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“We focus on everything, from football in Kazakhstan to basketball in America, so you’re in good hands”. That’s what mentioned in “about us” section. In fact, they do much more than that. It’s a complete betting portal, useful not only to UK residents, but to all gambling enthusiasts. It’s true they focus on online bookmakers operating mainly in the UK, but the offers are worthy everywhere, their betting advice is valuable for everyone and their betting tips could be followed by anybody, as well.

If the site is updated

This website is mostly dedicated to sports betting, but it also has information about casino as well. The main menu in upper front page contains eight main categories, five of them concerning sports betting. The “Best Bookmakers” category opens a dropdown list, which presents the 10 top providers. Of course, when you open the page, there are more in the list, ranked according to their potential. There are 22 such filters, so you can adjust the list according to your preferences. There are also useful information about gambling laws in the UK, betting limits at top bookmakers, betting exchange, betting promotions, competitive odds & payouts, reputation & reliability etc.

The “Betting odds” section is actually an odds comparison service, that show you the top UK betting odds. It also contains useful tips about chasing the best odds or how are odds calculated in a betting odds comparison. “Betting tips” and “Betting strategies” are not so dynamic categories, as they contain free tips (not so frequent, though) and a series of betting strategies articles. The “News” sections is so far containing only news from the horse racing market. The “Best Casinos” category is following the “Best bookmakers” structure.

Special offers

The “Betting Offers” section is full of offers and bonuses from the online bookmakers presented. The top 10 bonus codes are shown in the dropdown lists before clicking to visit the category. There’s also a list with various filters, where all bonuses and offers are presented, the welcome bonus is highlighted. You can also find useful articles about various bonuses (initial deposit, extra bets, refer a friend, matching bet, reload, cash back, seasonal promotions and so on).

The “Casino offers” category has four sub-sections (highroller bonus, mobile casino bonus, live casino bonus and online PayPal casinos), you can visit every one of them matching your needs.

If the user experience is good

First thing I though before visiting is that when you’re not a UK resident, this website is not for you. I completely changed my mind thereafter. This is a professional effort, run by a team of experienced tipsters and administrators. There’s plenty of information which are available to everybody, regardless of where he lives or he’s an actual customer of specific online bookmakers.   

If it’s modern

There’s plenty of innovation in the website, presented especially in the lists. You can toggle the list according to various aspects (live betting, livestream, high betting odds, live chat, phone support, Pay Pal or Paysafecard) and also there’s a bar from 0 to 100, where you can adjust the size of the new customer bonus offered.

If it’s social media friendly

Not at all. They don’t have a single account in any social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They could attract more audience with a campaign there, but they don’t seem to be willing to get there. They’re trying to get organic view by an efficient search engine optimization campaign.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists and the reviews about bonuses, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,6) ♠♠♠

Passionate, experienced and lovers of all things sports. These are just a few ways they describe themselves in the “About Us” section. Their team has years of experience writing to some of the leading online sports and betting websites in the UK. They started sharing their expertise with this website. They say they like to think of themselves as trailblazers as well, but they get things done for sure.

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