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2004 is one of the world’s biggest social network of sports betting tipsters. Its global community of expert tipsters share their thoughts on upcoming matches to help other sports bettors place knowledge supported bets with the best odds available from a variety of bookmakers. also houses educational content that helps punters, both novice or experienced, develop stronger betting strategies. The content includes in-depth bookmaker reviews, how-to guides for betting on a wide range of sports and leagues, stats-based articles for upcoming matches, and Betting Academy that teaches everything from the fundamentals of betting to establishing a strong betting portfolio.

If the site is updated is a massive website, claiming over 450k registered users. In 2019 June only, there were almost 25000 winning tips published there, which makes it around 800 winning tips per day. So the real question should be “how to navigate in this kind of traffic?”. However, It’s entirely possible through registering and following tipsters you find valuable, either via e-mail or the website’s notifications, based on tipsters record, longevity and sports they specialized on.

Our review is based mostly on the English version of the website. However, is tailored to 11 different communities around the world with 10 language versions available. With sports betting legalization progressing in the US and also getting more popular in countries like Russia, we expect this number go even higher in the future.

Special offers

The website doesn’t offer bonuses directly but compensates for it with its ‘Bookmakers & Offers’ section, which itself has two sub-sections: ‘Bookmakers reviews’ and ‘Free bets’. The former not only offers a monthly breakdown of the best bonuses available but also includes a significant number of reviews of various bookmakers, which we found to be an extremely valuable read. ‘Free bets”, like the name suggests, provides information on various bonuses available, as well as extensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about them.

It’s also worth noting that BettingExpert offers monthly prizes for winners of its tipster competitions. The pool for the monthly award is £3000, with the winner pocketing £1200. There is even bigger money to win in ‘Tipster of the Year’ contest, as cash prizes available rises there to £15000, with the winner taking cool £10k.

If the user experience is good

The massiveness of can make it look quite overwhelming for a first-time visitor, especially if he/she just starts its betting involvement. But even for them, or maybe especially for them, BE is a great place to visit. The website’s ‘News & Knowledge’ section is a fantastic place to be introduced into the world of betting, with ‘Academy’ deserving special praise, as it’s a very nicely done guide to sports betting. 

Possibly a little bit In the shadow of sports betting, there is also a ‘Casino’ section available. All the reviews are prepared with the same attention to details and can be very helpful for all players looking to take a break from sports betting in casinos.

If it is modern

The website has a professional and yet, fresh and modern look. At the moment of writing this review, there is a work in progress on the new version, which can be visited after clicking a ‘Beta’ link. Mobile version also seems to be working very well.

If it is social media friendly

English version of is active on Twitter since 2009, with a few posts per day published there. They include betting tips from the website’s members, some light-hearted comments on sports news, as well as links to the articles published by BE.

Unfortunately, other communities, except for Serbian, aren’t active on Twitter, even if some of them, like Polish, were posting regularly in the past.

If banner positions are good doesn’t show any interest in placing banners.

Final score (4,9) ♠♠♠♠♠ is one of the best and most complete websites we had a chance to review. Doesn’t matter if you are a sports betting newcomer or a veteran, you should be able to find a place for yourself there. not only sets the standard for sport betting websites but is also 100% free, which this days is quite rare, as many websites of similar profile either went paid full-time or mixes its content between free and paid.

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