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BetzCenter is a website that gathers some of the most profitable tipsters on Italian Serie A and Serie B soccer, English Premier league and Championship and American MLS, NFL and NBA, and tennis. BetzCenter provides valuable statistics, number analysis, trends and more on all of the mentioned sports with a dedicated page for each game that belongs to the listed sports and leagues 100% free of charge.

If the site is updated

Sports picks (mostly football and tennis) are added almost daily. The blog section is not updated frequently though, as after five months break this section became active again in March. The website also offers basic odds and statistics information on various upcoming sports events.

Special offers

Not available. But it’s worth mentioning that after registering at BetzCenter user can download a free ebook „10 Sports Betting Mistakes Every Beginner Makes” which is nicely done and just like the title suggests can be helpful for people beginning their sports betting journey.

If the user experience is good

Based on blog posts we read it seems that is run by someone with a good knowledge of betting business. But users visiting it have right to be skeptical. Majority of betting tips aren’t backed by written reasoning behind it, which makes things complicated when we counted 25 tips posted for sports events happening in next 24 hours. Lack of profit/loss section also doesn’t help having confidence in person posting there.

We were also a little bit confused by website quoting odds from Italian bookmakers (like and at the same time having content available in English, which suggests looking for more international visitors. Don’t think they care much about Italian books though.

If it is modern

BetzCenter has a simple design, usually combining a white background with black font. It’s a simple looking website, where the main page consists of odds of upcoming sports events as well as expert picks.

If it is social media friendly

It has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but only Facebook is updated on a regular basis in 2019. Both Twitter and Instagram were left behind the year before.

If banner positions are good

It seems BetzCenter doesn’t care much about banners, as we could not find any of them there. But there are plenty of free space to place a banner.

Final score (3,5) ♠♠♠1/2

In a very competitive area of sports betting BetzCenter does not stand out compared to dozens of other websites like this. The blog section is the most interesting part for us and it’s worth taking a look from time to time.

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USA, Europe

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