Let’s organise an Online Gambling Exhibition!

I was looking at the calendar of the online gaming expos the other day and I was more than surprised by the number of exhibitions that are taking place each month.

From merely two shows that used to take place ten years ago, we now have more than 30 around the world! Following the examples of the pioneering shows and understanding that there is money for spending in the industry, some serious businessmen (along with some “cowboys”) started organising show after show in order to provide services to potential investors.

To cover all these shows, I think that each company should have a special division, separate from marketing, called “The Exhibitions Department” – and I am wondering, at the end, if it is worth it participating as an exhibitor or attendee in each and every one of these shows.

I understand that there is a need for the companies to introduce, promote and try to sell their products, but I cannot find a reason to meet the same people for the same reason in a different country, every 15 days.

True, an ICE visitor doesn’t have the time to visit all stands and speak with all the providers or follow all conferences and speeches. Smaller but targeted shows are covering this gap but what is happening now is madness: one show every week, in a different country, in a different continent with the same exhibitors.

On the other hand, new B2B services companies constantly appear out of the blue providing services and they, too, want to take a share of the online gambling market. So, the more exhibitions, the better for them.

In the early online gambling days, in ICE, there used to be just a few stands. Today, 90% of exhibitions are full of stands, something that confirms the growth of the industry. However, I believe that small summits with no exhibitions are the best way for people of the industry to come together and do networking, exchange ideas and grow their sales.

Few of these shows are going to survive in the upcoming years. I believe that the ones which will make it will be the shows that can give you something in return and not the ones that just give the excuse to people to have a nice business trip!

Ioannis Deligiannis

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