Bingo & Consoles: Why a Relationship Make Sense

Bingo has enjoyed a renaissance of late, and it’s in no small part down to the internet. By going online, bingo now appeals to a wider audience, and a younger one, and has a platform that enables bottomless and accessible play from anywhere in the world.

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So, the idea of consoles adding the game to their titles might hit you out of the blue. After all, bingo is flourishing globally and is finally back in a position of strength after a drop in popularity. However, the game will have to adapt to the times if it wants to maintain its current market share and improve it.

Console providers can help, and these are the reasons why.

Accessibility Via Apps

The truth is that not much has to change for bingo providers and console developers to go into partnership. As it stands, the likes of Sony or Microsoft could offer a new platform by hosting variations of the game through an app, helping bingo to improve its reach. PlayStation and Xbox are known for their digital offerings, which means everything from 75 to 90 ball bingo and bingo scratch cards could become more famous as a result of the partnership. Currently, there is an unexplored avenue for bingo and console providers, but one that could come to fruition if this partnership is explored. For the time being, players will need to settle with smartphone and PC gaming in this regard.

Plus, the console giants have the software systems to keep up with the demands of the game. The PS5 and Xbox Series X contain the latest gaming technology, so they have enough memory and to support the likes of high quality virtual and augmented bingo rooms. Also, they are moving toward mobile gaming play – the new Xbox has the xCloud – so the move would sync with players’ wants and needs.

A Changing Demographic

Everything changes and bingo is no different. Previously, it was a game dominated by seniors and the elderly, whereas now, more younger people are getting in on the action. Less than 20% of people who class as seniors enjoy bingo, which highlights how the prevailing stereotype about the average player is false.

More than 50% of players are between the ages of 25 and 44, a demographic that is popular with traditional gamers too. Therefore, as the supporters of both start to share similarities – the average age of a console gamer is 31 to 35 – there will be an overlap. As a result, it makes sense for bingo to enter the market and leverage the sector to boost brand awareness.

Add-ons & Engagement

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Of course, everything boils down to the user experience. If the experience isn’t good enough, people won’t feel obliged to return to play. This is one of the reasons the internet has helped bingo in the past two decades, as the use of technology has enhanced the gameplay.

However, consoles could take the gameplay further through their use of accessories. For instance, VR headsets are pioneered by the likes of Sony and Microsoft. Bingo players who use a virtual reality device would experience a live casino or bingo hall like no other, and this is only one example. Gaming giants are constantly developing add-ons that bingo could utilize.

Does a relationship between console developers and bingo providers make sense? Yes. Yet, it might be a while before you see your favorite titles on Xbox’s or PlayStation’s interfaces.

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