Can Online Casino Players be Split Into Factions or is the Line Becoming Blurred?

Research into the most popular casino games on the planet puts slots firmly in the lead of the other options, with 48 percent of players preferring to spin the reels. Blackjack is favored by 16 percent, while roulette was voted for by a mere 5 percent of players. These figures seem to suggest that there is a big split between players of different genres of game. What are online casinos doing to reduce this divide and make their games appeal to a wider demographic?

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Slots Have Variety and Eye-Catching Appeal

Perhaps the reason why slots are so far ahead of table games in the number of players they attract is that they use several different genres. For example, there are comedy slots that are based on classic movies. These include the Spinal Tap slot, along with other options such as Naked Gun and Sausage Party. Titles like these will appeal to players who like a giggle, while more serious players will seek out games based on TV series like Narcos or Game of Thrones. There are slots based on football and basketball to allure sports fans, and mythological slots like the Age of Gods to attract lovers of ancient Greece.

The most noticeable thing about slots, though, is that they are eye-catching and plentiful. Online casinos have sprawling landing pages of slots that appear when players first enter a site because they know that the players’ eyes will be drawn to them. They are colorful, loud, and the ones based on well-known films and TV series have familiar logos and symbols, which draw players in because of their recognisability factor.

Table Games Using Slots Methods

Online casino operators have seen the pulling power of slots and thought about how they could generate the same hype around table games. Slots provide players with an abundance of choice, which is something developers have looked to replicate with games like roulette and blackjack. Instead of just playing virtual replicas of traditional table games, there are now options like Speed Roulette and Immersive Roulette, along with live casino offerings with real dealers.

It also appears as though there could soon be a shift towards more themed table games at online casinos. This would include superhero or television show themes and would be designed to have the same eye-catching effect of slots.

Lines Becoming Blurred

It seems as though former slots players could be tempted over to table games and vice versa, thanks to the techniques incorporated by developers to appeal to wider audiences. All of these online casino games share several similarities and, when players realize this, they are more likely to chop and change between the games they play.

When it comes to splitting online casino players into factions, the lines are becoming blurred. The overriding focus for online casinos is to offer an abundance of variety, no matter what the game. This was something that started with slots but is being seen increasingly in table games. The next step may be for all games to have themes, and players will simply choose the theme that appeals to them before discovering the genre of the game. This could add another thrill to the gambling experience.

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