is trying hard to be the ultimate guide about worldwide casino applications. They focus on a section, which is considered secondary by the vast majority of the casino sites, but that’s their point of difference: They actually contain all the information someone needs about online casinos, but they serve them to the users in a different way.

At first glance, they seem to evaluate the content more than the presentation way, but this minimal style is another innovation they’ve established: Write only what counts, make it easy for the user to find what he wants and be precise in the information you give. That’s why they’re popular and they continue growing since their launch.

If the site is updated

They’re making a lot of research, that’s for sure; More than 670 reviews for different apps, around 200 reviews about different games. That’s a lot of work, reviewing, ranking, evaluating. I’ve bumped into many websites with more apps, but none of these has more precise review: A presentation, what you need to know, a complete list of compatible mobile devices, customer service, payments, bonus. There’s nothing you need to know about an app not present there.

There’s also a news section, but this is not actually updated. In fact, it contains only some advertising articles, contributed by the online casinos themselves. 

An extra difficulty for the total update of the whole website is the different language versions. The website functions currently in seven languages other than English (Danish,Norwegian,Swedish,Finnish,German,Spanish and Polish), so every review has to be written eight times! However, this is an extra point for the website, as its more user-friendly, especially for Scandinavian-based users (who are fluent in English).

Special offers

A website dedicated to review casino apps cannot be launched without a bonus section. This is an updated one, with more than 550 current deals for users to choose from. One of the website’s best advantages is that they don’t treat all offers and bonuses the same way, but they rate them. Every app which is not reliable will receive a “not recommended” comment, regardless of the position on the list. Instead, the website will offer “the best alternative”, a reliable choice which is fully accepted in the user’s country, just under the specific app presentation. The offers an bonuses are presented in a short and more detailed way.

If the user experience is good

My first impression when visiting was that there’s a makeshift list of mobile phone apps. This is a totally unfair assessment. They’re doing a fine job trying to present all apps the best possible way. Lots of information is coming when you press the “More Info” button. Detailed information, double-checked and, the best is coming, justified. A simple website, functioning actually as a blog rather than a website, as all mobile-friendly websites should be.

Apart from the multi-language choice, which allows millions of users to be informed in their mother tongue, the big plus of the website is the “filter apps” button. This allows you to filter the hundreds of apps available by software.

If it’s modern

As a website dedicated to mobile apps, they adapted the whole structure to become the most mobile-friendly website available. No windows, just scroll-down lists, no drop-down lists and long menus. Seems like too simple, but it’s working perfectly when you visit from your mobile phone, that’s what counts. Simplicity is always modern, they’re careful enough to limit the size of their paragraphs and include only the indispensable details in their reviews, not to be boring and wearing.

If it’s social media friendly

Not at all. They don’t have a social media account, they don’t seem to bother about that. As they’re a website dedicated to mobile phone apps, they should pay more attention of advertising their remarkable effort on social media. 

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, which are ads themselves (there’s a button “Join Now” near every online casino banner), website has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

This is a really smart approach to casino reviews, having a website presenting only the mobile phone apps. They’ve done an excellent work on reviews, which are precise and reliable. They should put more effort in making the website more acquainted to the public, as the content is high-class.

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