COVID-19: Where on earth is the ball still rolling?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all football activity around the world. All? Don’t place a bet on that! It’s true that the glamorous European and South American football leagues announced a postponement on their schedules, but there are still some places on earth that a football is still rolling. Some of these places are hardly known for their football league, but now their games are offered by online bookmakers to bet on them.

The Belarussian league is the only one active in Europe right now. The season started last Thursday as scheduled, the government didn’t even prohibit the presence of fans at the stands. Belarussians seem to confront the disease with humor, as many of them stated that they’re not afraid of getting inftected, as they regularly wash their hands with vodka.

Australia is without any doubt the most glamorous of the football leagues still in action. In fact, the only restriction came from abroad. Wellington Phoenix, a team from New Zealand competing in the stronger A-League, had to travel to Australia and stay there till the end of the regular season, in order to play all their remaining home games in neutral venue. After the flight, all players and staff (along with the last team they played at home, Melbourne Victory) have been put to a 14-day quarantine. This means that all their matches during this time period will be postponed.

Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, there’s action only in Hong Kong (where the restrictions in getting in and out from China are anyway strict) and Singapore. Mighty Bhutan, perched into the Himalayas, is continuing the football action. The only Arab world league still playing is the West Bank league in Palestinian territories.

There are some sub-Saharan African leagues. Angola is the most populous country not affected by the pandemic so far, not a single case is reported, so the Girabola league is getting on as usual. So is Malawi, as the 16-team Premier League is going to start this weekend. Federation administrators said that there’s no excuse for a postponement, as the country’s medical services assured that COVID-19 hasn’t arrived Malawi. Also Burundi still goes on.

Caribbean islands still continue their football activity. The Haitian league plays as scheduled, so do some other islands, more known for their sandy palm beaches, such as Aruba and Saint Kitts-Nevis. In the mainland, there’s still activity in Nicaragua, but the government there stated that all sports activity will be postponed if there’s an increase in number of cases.

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