Digital Marketing Forum – Traffic Management – Link Building in 2019

Blueclaw Marketing Director Martin Calvert in an exclusive interview with Gamblers Post talks about quality traffic, gain rankings and increase visibility.

Last week the Digital Marketing Forum was held in London. This Forum is organised for online marketing professionals in the sports betting industry, allowing them to discuss the latest trends and learn new digital marketing techniques. The Forum was a part of the wider Betting on Football Conference 19-22 March at Stamford Bridge.

Among others there was a conference – Traffic Management – Link Building in 2019. Blueclaw Marketing Director Martin Calvert, speaker, talked about quality traffic, gain rankings and earn better visibility. We were able to ask a few questions to Martin.

– Martin, first of all, please tell a little to our readers about Blueclaw

Blueclaw is a digital marketing agency that has been working in gaming for over a decade. We work with operators and affiliates, helping them with SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, link-earning and more. Outside of gaming, we work in e-commerce, travel, finance, property and technology and have won at every award event we’ve entered for the past 1.5 years – so we know have a lot of experience and proven strategies that work well for betting and gaming clients 🙂

– Top quality traffic it’s really important today for any brand and especially for gambling market, so what is the best way to attract it?

Traffic is what keeps the gaming industry up and running – but the best companies are focused on traffic that can turn into FTDs and long term client relationships. The best way to attract the best traffic is a mixture of SEO, brand-building content marketing, highly targeted PPC advertising and (if you’re an operator) an affiliate program that is scalable.

We always recommend a blended approach of digital marketing to get predictable amounts of high quality traffic – it means if one channel has challenges for whatever reason, you’re still attracting visitors from your other channels. More than this, an integrated approach to digital marketing can bring costs down, and improve the performance for your campaigns.

For example, increasing the quality of on-site content and improving SEO performance can have an impact on how much you pay for PPC advertising, while improving your PPC targeting can give you better data for conversion optimisation. The better you are at these areas of digital marketing, the better your ability to strike a great deal with affiliates – or operators – depending on what type of company you are. It’s all about quality traffic – if you’re an operator that has plenty of it, your site converts visitors into players really well then affiliates will work hard to partner with you. Likewise, if you’re an affiliate with awesome traffic, you can get a great deal from operator partners.

– What advice can you give to brands that are not ready to spend a lot of money, but nevertheless want to increase their recognition and popularity?

Gaming is a competitive industry – in future there won’t be many low-budget success stories. It’s not just operators who are investing serious money – the most ambitious affiliates are hiring great talent and investing a lot in digital marketing in order to grow their share of traffic and increase FTDs.

There are of course lots of opportunities to think smart and use cost-effective approaches to get headlines – but there’s more to a digital marketing strategy than that. To increase recognition and popularity brands need to prioritise the marketing channels I mentioned above, and invest the time in social and PR to increase their visibility.

Everyone knows the big rewards that come from being successful in gaming – but to achieve these big rewards it makes sense to invest seriously.

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