Do some slots pay more than others?

Slot machine games are arguably the most popular form of gaming for casino lovers. The potential to win big attracts a large number of bettors. In fact, during the COVID-19 lockdown, online casino searches reached an all-time high, as reported by BBC in May 2020.

One of the reasons for the popularity of slots is in the vast array of game libraries available, and many slot machines are designed with varied themes. The number one problem gamers face is in finding the best slots. This has also generated a myth that some slots pay more than others. This article will delve into this issue in detail.

How to choose the ideal slot machine for your gaming needs

It is evident that the first concern of a player is to find a slot machine that will bring in the maximum amount of money possible or, at least, something big. Of course, this is in addition to the pleasure that the game brings.

To choose the best slot machine that will give you a high payout like the ones listed here on, there are some details to take into consideration. Some of these considerations are provided as follow:

  1. Choose your slot machine according to the payout rate

You should know that each slot machine has its own redistribution rate; this is an essential factor for every punter to watch. The payout rate indicates the average percentage a casino pays out to players for winnings.

It should be noted that the redistribution rate of online casinos is higher than traditional casinos and can be up to 98%. Besides, most online casinos don’t display the redistribution rate on their sites’ homepage. Therefore, you may need to do some navigation on the slot’s website for relevant information.

     2. Choose slot machine based on volatility

Although the general purpose of playing slot games on virtual casinos and slot machines is to win and make money, volatility can be a major factor in achieving this. The term volatility is often used in different fields, including science, IT, and finance. That said, the volatility of slot machines is finance-based. It can be divided into three categories, namely high, medium, and low volatility. A volatile slot machine is characterized by relatively high payouts.

Since we have underlined that the choice of a slot machine depends on the objectives of the player, volatility represents a key factor. Amateurs with strong feelings will opt for high volatility slot machines even though the chances of recurring winnings are slim.

Those that take low risk will prefer slot machines with low volatility. Therefore, they will opt for machines that enable them to win small amounts regularly. Undecided players can opt for slot machines with medium volatility.

Slot machines characterized by high volatility include WishMaster and Gonzo’s Quest developed by Netent. Those known for medium volatility include Big Win Cat developed by Play’N Go and Orient Express developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. Finally, Starburst developed by Netent and Sugar Pop 2 developed by BetSoft can be considered as slot machines with low volatility.

   3. Choose your slot machine according to your budget

In order to choose the slot machine that will offer you the maximum amount of winnings, it is necessary to evaluate your budget. Indeed, each slot machine is characterized by a minimum and maximum bet.

 If your budget is low and you want to enjoy a reasonably long-playing time, it is recommended that you opt for a classic slot machine that has one pay-line and which offers the possibility of betting minimal amounts per turn. In contrast, if your budget is large, you can opt for a slot machine that offers more features to maximize your bets and increase your winning potentials.

   4. Choose a slot machine according to its bonus and jackpot

Slot machines have undergone more improvements in the past five years as more casinos move to integrate virtual gambling. Among the options that online gambling websites have introduced is the use of promotions such as bonuses and jackpots.

Free spins have become popular as a form of reward from casinos to their users. Many online platforms offer free spins as a sort of welcome bonus or deposit bonuses. These free spins enable you to increase your chances of winning without spending a dime.

We recommend that you use free spins on slot machines with high volatility as you take less risk with greater chances of winning jackpots.

Can you really make money from slot machines?

No doubt, you can make money from online slots machines. As a matter of fact, a slot machine is the most popular form of online gambling today because of the potential wins it offers players. To build a sustainable model and strategy for your gaming, it is vital that you pay more attention to the points raised in this article.

As you can see in this article, it is difficult to say if some slots pay higher than others since slots are configured based on a number of factors. Therefore, it is good for you to compare your options to know the best one for you. As you do this, we advise you to leverage some of the strategies provided in this article. One certain thing is that the moment you get started and do this a few times, you will become a master of the game. This holds true to the famous saying, “practice makes perfection.”

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