Esports For Young People: Pros, Cons, Optimal Age

E-sport has gradually made its way up as a popular activity for young people. For those who do not know about esports, it is a form of competitive video gaming. Unlike the way others play their games at home, these players engage in a professionally organised area in esports. In esports, you don’t play only for yourself; there are many streaming services like YouTube and Twitch that live record your gameplay for others to view. 

In today’s world, esports has become an important way for young adults to perform activities they love while making a couple of bucks. Of course, adults are also making money from the gaming industry. For instance, free mobile pokies games opportunities are common.

Generally, there are several types of e-sport games; let’s see a few examples:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offense
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty

Impact of Youth on the Esports Market

As time goes on, the higher number of Esport players gradually favour the younger generation. And in turn, this new generation has greatly impacted the entire Esport industry. If you are unaware of how this impact took effect, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the impact of young people on the esports market.

  1. They popularise the game and love the sport.
  2. It increases esports market income.
  3. Allows young people to make money while engaging in a sport they love.

Rules Surrounding Esports 

For the governing body of esports to make the game fair and respectable, certain rules are in place to check the behaviours of every participant. Let’s take a look at some of the rules governing esports and their activities.

  1. Every player must respect each other – no cursing or vulgar words.
  2. You must be honest, committed, and play the game fairly.
  3. You must avoid hate speech at all costs.
  4. No intimidation or uncouth behaviour from anyone.
  5. There will be no toleration of any form of discrimination – race, gender, age, physical appearance, ethnicity, body size, religion, or disability.

Pros of Esports 

Primarily, esports poses to offer several benefits while playing. Some of the benefits of esports involve the physical and mental development of gamers. So let’s see the benefits or advantages of engaging teenagers in esports:

  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

When you play esports continuously, they unconsciously build on their hand-eye coordination because they play the games. For instance, a proficient gamer possesses about 300 to 400 precise actions every minute. And these consistent, precise movements help gamers to develop superior hand and eye coordination skills.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skillset

Generally, Esport requires that these gamers make quick decisions in different instances. And when you consistently play these games, you learn how to plan and make decisions that are important to the success of the games.

  • Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

The way young people learn how to make quick and important decisions from playing Esport games they acquire problem-solving skills. These games allow them to focus more on how to solve the specific problem they might face. Additionally, this newly taught skill will help to develop new strategies for solving problems quicker.

  • Increased Visual and Attention Acuity

Generally, participating in esports requires that every player has constant attention to what they are involved in. It allows people to unintentionally develop the ability to focus on specific objects amid others – tracking them. Even with obvious distractions around them, it is possible to retain the ability to focus on external distractions.

  • Improved Socialization

Taking a look at the setting and environment surrounding esports, you can say that it offers an opportunity for a better connection between you and your peers. For instance, during the global pandemic, when people couldn’t have many physical connections with each other, many gamers stated that esports help them connect socially with new and old friends.

Cons of Esports

Although esports offers many benefits for gamers, it has also proven to be dangerous and utterly a problem if left unchecked. Like in the gambling industry, your True Blue casino login can either offer you benefits or demerits. In this article’s section, I will highlight some of the cons concerning esports:

  • Gaming Disorder

According to the (ICD) International Classification of Diseases in 2018, a new condition, “gaming disorder,” became a part of their defects line. This condition refers to when gamers place esports over any other activity up to the point of adversely affecting their health. Most times, gaming disorder can be incurable, except through intense therapy. And among esports players, young adults are the most likely players to suffer this condition.

  • Nutritional Neglect

Here’s a known fact with esports gamers that they usually sit for hours playing their games and often forget about their health. According to a survey, many players in esports occasionally forget to eat or grab any convenient snack. Moreover, even when they decide to grab a meal, they either eat less or do it quickly to continue their gaming.

  • Mood And Sleep Disturbances

Although esports have proven to improve socialisation between players, it is always one of the leading causes of mood and sleep disorders or disturbances. Most Esport players lack proper exercise and often lack appropriate rest, hydration, natural light, and nutrition, affecting their mood and sleep.

  • Joint Pain

Proficient and professional Esport players suffer one common problem, pains in their thumbs, finger, hands, and joints. This is due to the outrageously high amount of repetitive movement of their fingers and hands. With consistent tapping and touching, the movements can cause tendinitis and inflammation, which are common with gamers. Most times, if left unchecked, it can turn into something serious which might require medical attention.

Optimal Age to Participate In Esports

In recent times, the age restriction guiding esports has gradually gotten reduced. In fact, in general esports, there is no set age restriction guiding every league. Each league in esports has the right to set their age limit as they wish for their players. But, in the Overwatch League in esports, the age regulation rule states that all players must be 18 years old or lower to qualify as competitors. On the other hand, the esports Super League requires that all gamers are between the ages of 6 to 16 years old to participate in the tournament. All other leagues are free to set their age restriction as they deem fit, depending on the type of game they play.

Final Verdict

As you know, esports has consistently proven to offer better and more beneficial features to the young generation than disadvantages. For instance, the idea of an improved hand-eye coordination movement has gotten confirmation to be real with other possible helping advantages. So, suppose you have children that are big-time gamers. In that case, you might want to consider allowing them to participate in esports as it allows them to develop certain coordination and physical skills to improve their daily living.

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