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Eurovision, you Got Talent

Today is the 1st round of the Eurovision song contest, a contest that after the breakup of USSR and Yugoslavia increased the participating countries from 22 to 43! Once upon the time, the contest used to be a competition where you had to be a VIP in order to attend and a musician in order to participate.

Now you just have to be a second class celebrity to attend the show and a second class local singer to participate. Of course, everything is moving forward and changing and Eurovision song contest couldn’t be an exception.

Most of the competitors have won or participated in a local reality show, like The Voice, X Factor, [insert country] You Got Talent etc, and the songs are either an one hit wonder or one time nothing.

None of the artists is making any kind of interesting career after the event and the winner depends on the country he or she is from (Scandinavians vote for Scandinavians, Cypriots for Greeks, ex Soviets for ex Soviets).

When all is said and done however, the truth is that, even with this new format, I am still enjoying watching the show and today I will watch the 1st round and wait for the final on Saturday!

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