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Football Betting sites (FBS) is a UK football-focused sportsbook review site. This affiliate brand is dedicated to providing British football fans, who love to bet on their favourite sport online and on mobile, with high quality reviews, tips, guides and information related to all things football. The high-quality reviews, which are the primary focus of FBS, are created by those who have experience in the betting industry as editors and as employees of brands. Not only are these reviews written to be honest and unbiased, but they are created by lovers of the sport who understand what interests UK football fans, from acca’s and early bet payouts to markets, live streaming and more. Beyond reviews, FBS offers different sections that cover tips focused on the main games in the Premier League, accumulator betting, betting apps, and a Premier League Betting Guide.

If the site is updated

From what we could see, Football Betting Sites looks to be updated regularly. During our perusal of the different brands reviewed, we saw sites newly launched within the past couple of months. We also checked out older reviews of well-established brands to see how to up-to-date the information was. 

For instance, we found that the bet365 football betting that was covered in this review not only seemed unbiased and extensive, but the information was current and included the most up-to-date promotions.

The Premier League Betting Guide also updates to accommodate each new season, and presently provides information for the 2019/20 season.

Special Offers

Being an affiliate site, FBS has several offers from the many sportsbook brands that they review. We found the welcome offers of these brands located on the homepage as well as on other pages of the site.

Although FBS doesn’t appear to offer any special offers unique to their site, we did appreciate that it has an entire section dedicated to “Football Betting Offers”, which includes subcategories of the top types of UK football betting offers like “Money Back”, “Enhanced Odds”, and “Build Your Bet”. Listing brands with an early cashout option has also been covered and can found under “Early Payout & Cash Out Offers”. 

If the user experience is good

Football Betting Sites is user-friendly for both desktop and mobile users. The site’s simple layout makes it easy to find everything that it offers in a few clicks or taps. The betting offers, reviews and tips are organized into their own categories, making it easy to get connected with the information you want.

There’s also a Premier League Betting Guide, which is updated each season, providing info on important dates, betting tips, helpful suggestions on how to select a site for premier league betting, information about offers and more.

What’s more, a handy search function makes it a breeze to find any and all information FBS might have on certain brands, football offers, etc.

If it is modern

The site has a very clean design and can be accessed across both desktop and mobile channels. It is visually comfortable with a smooth green, white and dark grey colour scheme. The content is well organized and it is easy to access the various info, reviews, tips, etc. provided via tabs and dropdown menus. The site is extremely user-friendly with a professional appearance. The focus has clearly been placed on delivering information and not on trying to get visitors to click on flashy banners.

If it’s social media friendly

FBS does not have a social media presence. Although this is rather surprising, since their target market is UK football punters, the site seems to have greater interest in attracting visitors by employing other marketing strategies rather than posting on Facebook or Twitter. That being said, we feel that they would likely generate a greater audience if they took advantage of social media and put it to good use.

Final Score (4.6)

Overall, Football Betting Sites delivers on its promise to make football betting easier for fans throughout the UK. What’s more, it does it without having a social media presence. It’s honest and impartial reviews of major British bookmakers, written in a no-nonsense style from people with experience in the industry, provides punters with a genuine taste of what they need to know about the latest offers, promotions, markets and betting apps. Whether they want to learn about the different types of football bookies, bet types, a guide to the Premier League or the latest football tips, FBS seems to cover all the essentials and more.

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