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The Big Free Chip List is making its own way around the online casino bonus websites: They’re giving their customers the ultimate interaction experience! They’re an online casino guide, full of casino reviews, offers, bonuses etc. But they also found an amusing way of benefiting their visitors for their loyalty, offering their BFC coins (points) for almost every action they do on the bigfreechiplist website.

By logging in on the website, you can start counting BFC points just by visiting every day, or commenting on casino reviews and bonuses. Detailed comments give you more BFC coins, which could be used even to real money transactions to real casinos. That’s a great motivation for users to comment and the main reason the website is full of actual comments by real users, so you get a real taste of what’s going on without the marketing filters.

If the site is updated

The online casino guide is one of the most updated and complete I’ve bumped into the whole season. All the sections’ lists (Casino Bonus Blog, Casino Reviews and Games) contain a countless number of options for the worldwide casino enthusiasts. Actually, there are reviews about 1.331 casinos.  Because of this global view and attendance, they have some clever filters available.

Except the country filter (which informs the visitor for his legal options only) there’re some more filters, such as the “Free Bonus”, the “Version” (whether is a Mobile Web, Mobile App or Live Dealer), the “Label” (New or Blacklisted). There’ s also an option of sorting the casinos, from the most reviewed to the top rated and the newest added to the website.

Special offers

I wouldn’t exaggerate if I’d say that the whole website looks like a special offer. The structure is rewarding the loyal visitors by giving them free bonus codes through the BFC coins. When you subscribe (you can easily do so through your Facebook credentials or make a whole new profile) you start collecting coins. If you visit the BFC Shop, there are more than 100 different bonus offers connected to the BFC coins, even offering real money. 

If the user experience is good

Well, it’s totally different just reading reviews and searching a bulk of casinos or games to what we’re having here. The visitor is not only the receiver of the information, but is also a contributor to the website’s credibility. This sense of gaming (there’s an actual list of most BFC coins winners of the last 7 days) makes the loyalty to them almost irresistible.

If it’s modern

The idea of gathering a lot of people with the same interest into active internet communities is not new, but there’s a small number of website that they can be proud of achieving this target. The Big Free Chip List is actually a community growing every moment with new visitors, who are benefited by the websites offers and could have all the information they’d like about everything concerning the worldwide casino market.

If it’s social media friendly

There’s actually a Twitter account connected to the website, but has another name “No Deposit Bonus”. The account is quite active, with almost 3.000 tweets and more than 2.500 followers, twitting the latest casino offers (focusing on no deposit bonuses, of course). There’s no Facebook account, rather weird for their global vision. They should practice more the social media marketing to attract more visitors.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, which are ads themselves, thebigfreechiplist has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

As you can imagine from the lines above, there’s nothing bad to mention about this guide. They found a terrific way of interacting with the audience, taking the necessary clicks and comments and offering credible and real reviews. This is a functioning and growing community, which is helpful even to those who don’t want to be active members. They should advertise themselves more, as they’re complete.

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