Four Key Mistakes Blackjack Players Make

Blackjack is one of the most exiting casino games, and, personally, for me, it is more exciting than roulette and poker combined. Blackjack gives you the excitement to beat the dealer and not a lifeless ball or a slot. It allows you, if you play wisely, to not lose money and even win a respectable amount.

Of course if somebody read only the above phrase, he would wonder why there are so many people losing at the Blackjack table! Well, it boils down to human psychology. Blackjack, like all gambling games is not a charity game but a challenge where you risk your money.

This means that when you start playing, you need to always have something in your mind: that you are playing only to have fun and not to solve your problems or become rich. So, after a long time of experience at the single deck blackjack chart tables, I have isolated 4 mistakes players are doing all the time. 


When you start a game and take into consideration Rule #1 “Play for Fun”, you need to have a lot of patience. You can start with losing several rounds in a row. However, as long as you make decent bets and you do not spend your budget, there will be winning rounds.

Changing your stake

When you are participating in a Blackjack game you need to setup first your gambling budget and then your stake budget. If you start playing for a 5 dollars stake in every round, it is very wise to try to keep this stake until you leave the table.

There are different strategies where you can start with 1 dollar per round and when you go up to 5, you stay there. Of course you can take some risk during the game like split or double hit but always with your maximum stake budget. It is more than certain that if you change your stake budget to 10 and then to 20 dollars you will never go back to the humble 5. So rule number two is set up a budget and don’t change your stake. 


In a Blackjack table you need to focus on your game. You need to see and study the dealer’s cards and of course the cards of the other players. Because you read somewhere that when you have 16 on the table or 17 you stop, that doesn’t mean that the players before you or after you know or want to do this. 

So imagine you have a 10 and the player before you got a card from 15 and it was a 10 and then you got a 6. Is not correct from your side to be angry and frustrated with the player next you. It is a game, you lost because of luck and not because somebody else took “your” card.

Imagine that it could have happened the opposite way, the player before you getting the 5 and you getting the Ace but at the end the last word is on the dealer. So rule no 3: focus, you are in control of the game and nobody else. 


As I already mentioned above, you enter a blackjack table not to become a millionaire but spend some hours of fun. Blackjack is a game of skills and luck and all us have to remember this. Counting cards, being a mentalist, etc, can happen in Hollywood movies but not in real life.

 If luck is with you and you follow the rules above, there is a possibility to win a good amount. This is the time that you need to think clear and leave the table, go to the cash desk, get your winnings and enjoy the rest of the night.

Try to keep out of your mind thoughts like “I got this dealer” “it is my lucky day”. These thoughts are going to lead you most of the times to lose your winnings and inevitably your gambling budget.

There are more rules with the most important being: stop playing when it is not fun anymore. Blackjack is a card game where you can have real fun and be happy, sad and surprised, all in the same round! Your privilege is that you got the same feeling either playing online or in land based casinos.

So, follow the “big four” rules and enjoy playing!

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