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If you’re a UK resident and interested about betting, is the right place you should begin your search about anything. Whether you’d like to compare online bookmakers offers, find a complete analysis of various major competitions available for betting, even follow betting tips from various sports and get information about live streaming, is a complete and reliable guide.

If the site is updated

There are three sections of the website which need to be updated: “Betting Tips”, containing tips from various sports, “Live Streaming”, where you can find all daily live streaming action in most sports and “Free Bets and Offers”. However, the tips section is not updated daily, even if there’re a lot of matches in the Isles. In other sections, i.e. Horse Racing tips, updates are less frequent, just once or twice a week. That’s a pity, as the previews and tips are quite accurate.

The “Live streaming” section is complete, collecting and presenting all the action, so you can be guided to live events at any time of the day. The “UK Betting Sites” and “Bookmakers” sections are completely identical (containing reviews of the same online bookmakers), so there’s no need for both appearing in the main menu. The “Sports Betting” section contains articles for various competitions and sports, where the majority of the UK punters place their bets.

Special offers

The “Free Bets & Offers” section, where the whole website derives its name from, is the starting page and the most visited one. You can see all online bookmakers present in the website listed (however, there are no specific criteria of listing, apart from personal views about integrity, usability or quick and easy banking). You can also find offers in “Free Bet of the Week” or “Free Bets for Top Enhanced Offers” sub-sections.  

Other sub-sections contain “Quick Start Free Bets” list and “UK Best Value Free Bets offers”, “Alternative Free Bets” and “No deposit required Best offers”. Of course, online bookmakers are present to this list more than once.

In the “Casino” section offers are presented into four different sub-sections: “Free Bets Casino Bonuses and Offers”, “Free Spins no deposit” for those trying free bets and also “Bingo” and “Poker”, with a lot of information about this specific games offers.

If the user experience is good

Well, the truth is that surfing into the Freebets website leaves me with a sense of unsatisfied. Freebets is well structured (except for the “Bookmakers” and “UK Betting sites”, which appear to be the same and would change later) but you always feel that something is missing. Content is huge, but it isn’t emerging normally. It seems like there’s a anguish of online bookmakers promotion, so let’s put them up in the showcase and hide all the others. You’ ll find a lot of useful information inside, you just have to search more than usual.

If it’s modern

One can find modern touches on Freebets website (such as the ringing bell at the upper right side of the starting page, informing about “what’s new”), but the shape and structure is not modern at all. This is not bad, though, after all these sites are valuable for their content and not for their way of presentation. White color is the main one, there’s a sense of clearness and purity. Freebets wants to provide serious piece of information and, by this point of view, is successful.

If it’s social media friendly

A serious work has been done at social media to give Freebets some huge numbers of subscribers and followers. The Facebook page has over 160.000 likes, as there are many daily posts, and some of them not related to promotion, but some really good photos and stories from the sporting world. The Twitter account has over 37.000 followers, there the tweets number is smaller, but “shot on goal” (that’s what it appears) is active for sure. The Youtube channel, containing a lot of videos (some irrelevant with the website itself) has also thousands of subscribers.

If banner positions are good

There are no ads at Freebets website, neither banners, no pop-ups at landing page. Online bookmakers promotion is done only by listing them into the specific sections. The way a bookmaker is presented, though, is convincing, and a visitor is well guided to various bookmakers, who are just one click away. 

Final Score (4,2) ♠♠♠♠

Freebets is a recommended starting point for every aspirant punter who resides in the UK. A lot of information available is a huge pro, but there are many steps to be done for perfection. A need of increasing the online bookmakers reviews, so the two main sections won’t be the same.

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