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GamblersPick is a community-oriented online casino portal with a strong emphasis on user reviews and feedback. GamblersPick also serves as a huge iGaming information directory covering all aspects of the industry. They’re trying to build a bunch of loyal readers, as they require from a user to sign up in order to post reviews or problems, but they also have a bulk of information available.

The quantity of the work which has been done since their launch some 2,5 years ago is impressive. They’re not focusing on a specific market, so all lists and information apply to a worldwide audience. There are a lot of filters you can use to find just what you want, depending of your country of residence or desirable type of casino.

If the site is updated

Updating the casino lists is the portal’s top priority, but it’s a pity just to address them as a casino list website. They don’t just make lists of the online casinos, they work out all information needed to decide which is best for your needs. The “Casinos” section has no less than 33 (!) sub-sections, from popular “Top Online Casinos” and “High Roller Casinos” to speciality “Crypto Currency casinos” and “Progressive Jackpot Casinos”.

Every casino is highly reviewed, with all information needed registered into specific categories (such as “Gaming Experience, Withdrawal Times and Limitations etc.). But the most important is member’s posts, which give you and accurate and fresh view of what’s going on with the specific casino.

The “Games” section has even more sub-section. At first, there are the games menus (Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Craps, Baccarat etc.) and every single one of them has more than 10 different sections, even divided themselves (for example, in the “Slots” section there are four main categories “Popular”, “By Software”, “Variations” and “Features”.

The “News” section contains more than 750 casino-oriented news and is updated daily. The “Guides” section has more than 30 different guides with casino and gambling tips, “how to” and “what is”. I’d expect more, given the bulk of the other categories, but it’s no problem at all.

Special offers

There are two sections containing special offers, the “Bonuses” one and the “Jackpots” one. They contain all you have to know about claiming and receiving bonuses either you’re a new or an existing customer. You can also sort and filter bonuses by rating, amount, percentage, type (Package, Welcome, High roller etc.) or other specific filters such as bonus+deposit. This kind of presentation is unique among other sites providing bonus information.

The “Exclusive Bonuses” section is one of the most interesting corners. They’ve worked with their promoted online casino brands to compile a suite of exclusive bonuses, mostly welcome bonuses. This is a benefit for all users.

The “Jackpots” section contains even more information, including “Hottest”, “Biggest”, “Progressive Jackpots” and “Last Hit”, presented even by game (Slots, Blackjack, Roulette etc.).   

If the user experience is good

The portal’s big plus is the augmenting community behind the tireless work and the millions of words written. Gamblerspick’s administration have made an excessive effort to attract as many users as possible, not just to ameliorate their world rankings in pageviews and daily visits, but to persuade their readers to contribute themselves. This interactive communication is obvious and gives the website an alternative style, as the administrators are only offering the platform and the real editors of the website are the users.

If it’s modern

Launched in 2017, Gamblerspick couldn’t be old-fashioned. They really know how to balance between the glitter, which is needed when you enter the gambling world, and the solemnity, when you actually advise people where to spend their money wisely. Portal’s structure is as modern it has to be.

If it’s social media friendly

The Twitter account is really active with some 600 followers and more than 1.500 tweets, updated daily. That’s the social media they focus on for more direct way of reaching new audience. There’s also a rather inactive Facebook page.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, Gamblerspick has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

Gamblerspick is an impressive effort when it comes to the work done. Indeed, they’ve contributed much in their portal. Of course one can find some things which need improvement, but an overall view gives them an absolute credit.

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