“Gambling at the times of COVID-19”

Back in 1985, the great Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marques has published his masterpiece “El amor en los tiempos del colera” (love in the times of cholera), narrating the secret youth love between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza. The absolutely bizarre circumstances almost all humanity is put into these last weeks will inspire for sure many novelist to plot their stories. But, how is it like “betting and gambling at the times of COVID-19”?

This is not a novel, let alone a masterpiece, rather than an imprint of these special conditions all online gambling websites will have to operate. Gambling never stops, if you can control yourself it could easily become a daily relief procedure, as you forget for some time that you’re bound at home. What’s your options, if you’d like to gamble?

Online casinos offer a perfect option. They’re least affected of this, as you don’t need a live or future sporting event to bet at. You just have to visit an online casino (after searching a bit in the gamblerspost.com reviews to find the one that matches your needs), open an account and you’re ready to play all casino games, from slots and blackjack to roulette and baccarat.

Sportsbook has been highly affected of the almost worldwide athletic lockdown. All major sports (soccer, basketball and golf), receiving more than 87% of the daily bets have stopped everywhere, except of some not so glamorous leagues. Currently, only four leagues are continuing their schedule, namely Belarus, Burundi, Angola and Nicaragua. Basketball has survived only in minor Russian leagues such as the MLBL, the Chinese Taipei SBL and the Tajikistan National League.

Undoubtedly, the champion sport of these days, receiving the vast majority of bets, is table tennis. There’s plenty of action in Russia, Ukraine, but also in the Czech Republic. With more than 50 matches offered daily, it could be a reliable alternative.

Besides these sports, you can also make other betting choices, such as:

Futsal: Russian league is still on the go.

Greyhounds: Races are being scheduled daily in Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Horse Racing: There’s live action in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the US, mainly in Southern states.

Ice Hockey: The Belarussian league, as in football, is playing regularly, with thousands of fans in the stands.

E-soccer: Soccer betting fans around the world could live the atmosphere of a live match, although they’re depended of specific e-players joysticks.

Snooker: There are sporadic mathes.

Volleyball: there’re still games in Russia  and Belarus, although in Russia only the minor leagues are active.

Tennis: Russian Masters is active these days, but only Russian players are competing.

Handball: Belarussian league operates regularly.

Last but not least, virtual sports are always available. It’s true that online bookmakers have developed much this kind of betting lately, as they’re not depended of live events to offer bets. Of course, the average gambler’s interest is not the same, but many think that it will augment as time goes by and the sports lockdown is going on.

In virtual sports, you can place your bets in a variety of sports (from soccer and basketball to greyhounds, cricket and cycling) and live the action as if it was a live event.

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