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Game of Disappointment

The last 15 years I have watched and followed several TV series starting from LOST (which in my opinion was the best series ever made) and then moving on to Breaking Bad, Westworld and now Game of Thrones.

So, after eight years, the series which millions of people watched, the series that millions of people had been waiting for a great finale, ended up in a very questionable manner.

I don’t have to write how it ended, since most of you already know. However, my feeling is that under pressure to bring in more money, the producers do not respect the viewers as much as they should and the result is that something that it is real good becomes a big disappointment.

The last 6 episodes of Game of Thrones were full of never ending battles and rather indifferent or plainly boring scenes. I am suggesting to go and watch series like True Detective and, for now, try “Chernobyl”.

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