Gobert: A coronavirus scapegoat

Rudy Gobert is the perfect example of a beloved star turning into a scapegoat within some seconds. The talented French basketball player from Utah Jazz has to deal not only with his personal health problem (he was tested positive on COVID-19), but also a tsunami of blames from teammates, opponents and fans all around the world for his superficiality.

The scene of Gobert having fun during a press conference and touching deliberately the table and the microphones and all the recording equipment in front of him, just to show that he was not afraid of the coronavirus, will victimize his for ages. Just one day later he announced that he was tested positive. After that, the NBA administration decided to suspend the whole season until further notice. Typically, the league games have been postponed, but there’s a possibility of definitive cancellation. In the following weeks the NBA will decide if the regular season will go on as scheduled, will be shortened or stop. There’s no decision about playoffs yet.

Gobert now faces criminal offenses and his teammates are not excuse him. Two of them, Emmanuel Mudiay and Donovan Mitchell have been tested positive as well. There wasn’t a public statement from the club yet, but there are rumors that all Utah Jazz players are blaming Gobert of being careless in the locker room, touching teammates and their belongings all the time.

If an NBA player or one of his relatives dies of this disease, Gobert could be easily issued of a manslaughter and face some years in jail. That’s why he issued a public apology through his social media account. He apologizes to the people he may have endangered and clarifies that at the time, he had no idea he was infected. But he was careless and makes no excuse, he hopes that his story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously. He also said that he’s gone many emotions, mostly fear, anxiety and embarrassment.

The NBA announced that it won’t raise a legal action against Gobert, trying to mollify things down. But whatever the sequel will be, it’s really difficult for Gobert to get into the same locker room with the same teammates, or even find a contract in another NBA team for the near future.

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