Guest or Passerby?

Going back to February 2020, and for a whole year now, the Covid Pandemic has stolen, unfortunately negatively, the show. For this writer, it is a bit difficult to write about online casino fun, especially at a time when everything is changing.

However, trying to relax a bit these days, we will talk about how important (or not) it is to choose an online casino and become a dedicated player in it, with its advantages and disadvantages. I can just give you 4 words: Support, Registration Bonus, Offers, VIP program.

Online casinos are very similar to land-based ones in this area. What do we mean? That from the moment you decide to become a customer, little by little you get to know the staff – who in this case are not the waiter, the bartender or the floor manager.

Instead, they are the “newbies” of general support when you are a new player, the high roller manager when you are an experienced and relatively long-time player and of course the VIP manager who handles you personally as soon as you become a VIP.

All of the above can be done within a week if you meet the betting deposit limits. But, as we have said, gambling is fun and not a passion and the good thing about online casinos is that you do not have to be a millionaire to become a major player.

So here is positive if you are a “guest”: you are recognizable by the staff and you gain intimacy and trust. So you feel that you are not just playing with a machine, but that there are people who will listen to your questions, your complaints, will help you to deposit or withdraw and will inform you about the offers.

As a guest, at some point, you will become a VIP. At this level, and depending on the company you have chosen, you will enjoy monthly or weekly (and sometimes even daily) privileges that you deserve for your loyalty to the platform.

Dinner for two inexpensive restaurants in your city, tickets for concerts or football matches, three-day trips to destinations of your choice, even abroad, cash or bonus money. Flexible companies and good VIP managers always have a good package to offer to keep you going.

Playing in many casinos simultaneously makes it difficult for you to become a VIP. Also, you don’t build a personal contact with the staff. On the other hand, you get more sign-up bonuses and you can make a comparison of the quality of services that everyone offers so that you can choose the best one.

My personal view is that two different platforms are enough for one player. You can change them every 2 years but not every 2 months as many players usually do.

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