How we choose online casinos?

How we choose an online casino in, let’s say, 5 simple words? Support, Signup Bonus, Promotions, VIP Program and above them all, License. The most important thing that an online casino player should know is the License. 

A player needs to know that he is depositing in a safe company and that if something is wrong, he is protected.

If you live in the UK, I recommend that the online casino of your choice should be operating under a UK Casino License. You can find the license relevant information at the footer of each website, but if you want to check out which sites have a UK Casino License there are affiliate websites that can help you to spot them.

After registering, the online casino becomes peculiarly similar to the land-based ones. What do we mean? That once you decide to become a customer, you slowly become familiar with the staff who, in this case, is not the waiter, the bartender or the floor manager.

They are replaced by the online (typical) support when you are a new player, the high roller players’ manager when you are an experienced and relatively old player and of course the VIP manager who personally takes over once you become a VIP.

All of the above can be done within a week if you meet your deposit limits. But, as we’ve said, gaming is fun, not passion, and the nice thing about online casinos is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to become a major player. 

So here’s the benefit of sticking to an online casino. You are recognized by the staff and you gain intimacy and confidence. So you feel like you’re not just playing with one machine, but that there are people who will listen to your questions, your complaints, help you deposit and withdraw and inform you about offers.

As a player, you will become a VIP at some time, and depending on the company you have chosen, you will enjoy every month the privileges you deserve for your dedication to one platform. Dinner for two at your city’s expensive restaurants, concert tickets or football matches, three-day trips, even overseas,  to destinations of your choice, cash or bonus money, etc. Flexible companies and a good VIP manager always have a good package to keep you going. 

Playing multiple casinos together makes it difficult to become a VIP and you never develop personal contact with the staff. On the other hand, you get more sign-up bonuses and you can make a comparison of the quality of services that everyone offers so that you can choose the best. My personal view is that two different platforms should be enough for one player. You can change them every 2 years but not every 2 months as many players use to!

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