– How did you get the idea to create a gambling website and join the affiliate market?

Toni: I have loved games since I was a kid. When I was young, I used to play all kinds of sports, board games, card games and of course gambled a bit as well. So, it was natural that I would end up doing something related to games.

Gambling affiliation came to my radar for the first time in 2008. I published my first website (about poker) in 2009 and around this time I and my childhood friend started planning our first website. We were both playing poker and were fascinated by the idea of “passive” income you could make with affiliation. I only later figured out that you actually need to be actively working for that “passive” income.

– What are the biggest challenges facing the igaming affiliate market?

Toni: I think one is the regulation, because it brings down the margins for all involved in these regulated markets. On the other hand, the regulation also makes different markets legitimate to operate and increases predictability. So, it’s not just a bad thing.

The second thing is more concerning SEO affiliates. There is more and more competition in Google SERPs for users’ clicks. This competition to affiliates is coming naturally from other SEO affiliates, but also from operators in the form of PPC ads and from Google when it wants to answer users’ queries more and more already in search results.

– How do you choose which operator to work with? What do you pay the most attention to when choosing an affiliate program?

Toni: At the moment Bojoko is mostly listing UK casinos and therefore we are paying a little bit more attention to the fact that the casino is licensed in the UK.

Because Bojoko works as a platform, we don’t really say no to many casinos. All casinos with good reputation and valid gambling license are welcome to list their casinos on the site.

– Today we have a huge number of gambling affiliates, what do you do to be different?

Toni: Our goal with Bojoko is to transform iGaming or at least tremendously accelerate the process of making it safer, more seamless and more entertaining to consume. If we succeed, people won’t refer to us as just an affiliate but as a leading gaming company. This is one thing differentiating us from other affiliates.

Secondly, we are building a platform where our users, players and casinos, can create content with us. This gives more control to casinos over their own brands and marketing and should eventually lead to better player experiences.

– What kind of changes to expect from igaming sector in 2019?

Toni: These are not necessarily changes, but overall trends in the sector.

  1. We will be hearing more good news from the US as more states will be legalizing online gambling.
  2. Pay N Play will still be a focus for many operators as it makes registration and payment processes more seamless.
  3. Maybe we will see more casinos integrating lotto products this year.

– And what is Bojoko going to prepare for players?

Toni: We are rolling out browser push notifications very soon. Users will get notified eg. about new casino offers and new casino reviews directly to their mobile phones. This is good news for the casinos as well, because it pays off for them to be active on the site.

Many more players will get to know Bojoko this year, as we are planning on adding more countries and languages to Bojoko. This is very good news again for casinos because we can start promoting non-UK licensed casinos way more after this.

We will also streamline Bojoko’s registration process and build incentives for users to be more active on the site.

And a lot more, so stay tuned.

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