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With almost two decades operating online, lots0cash.com could easily maintain that is one of the pioneer online gambling information websites. This vast experience they’ve acquired through the years helped the site’s administrators to focus on what’s really important for a player or potential player. They’ve made it one of the most established online resources for finding information about virtually all aspects of the iGambling industry.

The whole structure of the websites sends a clear signal: We’re here to cover all your needs in the most reliable and fast way. Even an apprentice gambler or someone who has never visited such a website will easily find his way. That’s really important, because all these websites contain hundreds of pages and millions of words or numbers, which could frustrate anyone.

If the site is updated

If you’re not familiar with the most popular sections of these websites, lots0cash.com delivers them on a silver platter. At the starting page there’re extra buttons leading to “Casino”, “Games” and “Bonuses” sections, which according to the numbers are the most visited. As the website has no less than 100.000 unique visitors every month, it’s really worthy to follow.

All basic sections, such as “Real Money Casinos”, “Free Casino Games”, “Online Slots” etc. are based on lists. The innovation is that lots0cash.com administrators don’t bulk the lists with decades and hundreds of online casinos, but have a personal view who to recommend to their visitors. There are no more than 5 real money casinos on the lists.

However, there’s a huge work which has been done in bulking the “Free Casino Games”, “Online Slots” and especially the “Reviews” sections. There you can find hundreds of reviews about games and casinos, with legible signs, which give quick information on what each online casino contains. The huge (when complete) “Online Casino Reviews” list could be shortened with a number of filters (search by country, by software or by device).

There’s also a complete list in “Casino Software” section, where you can find all different companies providing software for land based, online, mobile and live dealer casino departments.  

Special offers

Lots0cash.com is based more on information rather than offering bonuses and lean on special offers to attract audience. The “Bonuses” section is leading to the recommended best casinos page. Nothing wrong with this, I personally like those who have a clear view and have no fear to pay into. However, if you compare this section to other websites, which have the same potential visitors, this could be considered as a minus.

If the user experience is good

The real advantage of this website is that you never lose your way. All information are clear and quick to find and you can easily focus on what you need without toggling around and searching hundreds of different pages or scrolling down for ages to find a reliable online casino. You can navigate within seconds to all sections, find what you want, compare it and decide if it matches your gambling needs. So, a visitor has a nice experience when visiting lots0cash.com.

If it’s modern

I’ve already mentioned that they’re online for more than 15 years, but this doesn’t lead to old fashioned style of casino presentation, reviews or graphics. It’s true that the design doesn’t contain the most modern aspects, such as carousel-style presentation or scroll-down lists, but it’s a matter of choice rather than lack of modernity. The background is impressive, with all these designs in black color.

If it’s social media friendly

At the website’s top left starting page, next to the main menu, there are social media pages buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. However, only the Facebook page is active, with some 200+ followers. They clarify that “all of our visitors reach our website via natural methods, thanks to the quality of the content and services that we offer”, so they appear to focus more on improving the content rather than advertise the website on social media.

If banner positions are good

There’s a sole advertising banner in the whole website, just below the main menu, not only in the starting page, but all of them. They don’t bulk the website with lateral and jiggling banners. This is another sign of clear views.

Final Score (4,5) ♠♠♠♠

One of the veteran websites, providing reliable and accurate information about everything a visitor needs. They seem to filter the content themselves before offering it to the audience, that’s why they’re popular through the years.

Contact details

Affiliate’s name: Lots0cash

Website: http://www.lots0cash.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lots0Cash-579863395416430/ 

Contact of affiliate manager: dpo@lots0cash.com

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