Matchbook May Miss Lucrative Cheltenham Festival after License Suspension

The news that Matchbook has had its license suspended has recently appeared and put the company in a difficult position.

They are remaining positive at the moment, saying that this is a temporary issue and that they hope to be back trading with their customers very shortly.

Those who bet with them will of course be concerned right now but things do look positive considering.

The company is making plans to be back within the next few weeks, although that could mean them missing the Cheltenham Festival.

If you are looking for a bet in the near future, a new bookmaker is required for that. Some will wait for Matchbook to return, but some may not be able to.

The key to the success of Matchbook will be how they attract their customers back, assuming they get up and running again soon.

UK Gambling Commission Suspends Matchbook License

The license of betting provider TripleBet Limited has been suspended. They are the parent company of betting operator Matchbook.

The Gambling Commission has stated that after the findings from a two-year review, they have decided to suspend Matchbook from trading.

There has been no mention from the UKGC as to whether this has a time frame attached to it, or whether it will be resolved when Matchbook meets certain criteria.

TripleBet Limited have already announced that they employed a third-party last year to help them with the licensing rules and regulations. Because of that they hope to have things back in place very soon.

However, we have a large number of big sporting events on the horizon that Matchbook could miss across the months of March and April if they are not reinstated quickly.

Matchbook Could Miss Betting at the Cheltenham Festival

While Matchbook claim things won’t take long to sort out, will that be enough time for them to get back in business before the Cheltenham Festival? That seems unlikely, even though the timeframe has been specified at weeks rather than months.

Then there is the issue of trust. Will punters go back to betting with Matchbook after this or will they find another bookmaker to use? This could be what decides the future for the company, and whether they can continue in the long term.

There will be many annoyed by this, and if they enjoy betting with their new provider, some customers may not go back.

During the Cheltenham Festival, an estimated £380 million is bet, much of that from inside the UK which is the only region for their ban.

That is a big four days of business for any betting operator to lose and would be a real hit to Matchbook profits.

What Should Matchbook Punters Do?

For those looking to bet on Cheltenham races anytime in the near future, or those who want a fresh start, you need to find a new betting operator on websites like – Cheltenham page there are many different platforms out there for you to choose from, with many having big offers for new players.

This may be a temporary move, with you going back to Matchbook when they return or you could stick with the new bookmaker you choose.

When betting, we all have our own favourite markets and ways to wager so do some research before you choose the right site for you. After being forced to find somewhere else to bet, you don’t want to also change how you bet, this should stay the same.

Unless it is something obscure and niche, the chances are that many bookmakers will have what you require, from the big names in the industry to those who are smaller and trying to make their mark.

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