Maximum Security, Roadster, Gift Box Declined the ‘20 Pegasus World Cup

On its fourth season this year, the Pegasus World Cup Invitational is set to begin on January 25, 2020. It will take place in the racing field of Gulfstream Park, Florida, which features the best-of-the-best racers in the world. Aside from that, it will showcase music festival featuring two Hollywood music icons, Nelly and T-Pain.

In the earlier reports, Stronach Group, the owner of the Pegasus World Cup, has officially named the invitees to compete on Saturday. The initial list comprised of 13 official invitees, and 4 reserved runners. The names of the invitees excite the whole horse racing community as it includes controversial names like Maximum Security.

However, as the day progresses and the Pegasus World Cup comes near, there is a slight change in the invitees to run for the upcoming racing event. The significant change in the pot prize is the primary reason why some invitees didn’t accept Stronach’s offer. From $9 million last year, it was reduced to $3 million this year.

Maximum Security and Roadster are the two runners who first declined the Pegasus invitation. Earlier this year, Maximum Security earned the highest bid and odds value to win the Pegasus crown since he was disqualified Kentucky Derby winner. He was seen to showcase a big come back this year to prove his worth.

Apart from that, Bob Baffert also declined to send Roadster to the 2020 Pegasus. He mentioned that Roadster would do better if they will partake in the Saudi Cup. After the exit of Maximum Security and Roadster, the whole odds change for the upcoming 2020 Pegasus World Cup invitational.

Just as the horse racing community expects another roster of Pegasus 2020 picks, the initial list continues to suffer decline requests. This is after Gift Box, the best dirt track horse racer in this generation, also turned down Stronach’s invitation. Many horse racing fans got disappointed by this report as they are hoping to witness a head to head challenge between Gift Box and Omaha Beach who happened to both earned the Breeders’ Cup title last year.

The dropouts in the initial list of invitees made by Stronach Group has led reserve runners to step up their game. It is why Magic Wand, Mucho Gusto, and Diamond Oops are making a big leap as they are now finally named as official contenders for the 2020 Pegasus crown. As of this time, the Pegasus has 12 official runners on the line, and there are new reserved runners invited to replace those who were promoted.

With these changes, many are asking if Pegasus World Cup can still hold an impressive horse racing show. In some reports, Stronach said that the exit of the big invitees was due to their personal reasons for preparing for other horse racing show they’d like to join. Aside from that, they also assure that they got a new reserved runner so the betting games won’t get affected.

As mentioned above, Diamond Oops, Magic Wand, and Mucho Gusto are now on the top spot earning the best odds value for the Pegasus World Cup. Initially, Diamond Oops was considered as an underdog, but his odds had risen, taking over the other strong contenders such as Spun to Run and Seeking the Soul.

Also, Mucho Gusto replaced Roadster as Bob Baffert’s entry for the Pegasus. Instead of Roadster, Baffert wanted to see Mucho Gusto grow and earn his first prestigious stakes crown if he will successfully clinch the Pegasus Cup in less than two weeks. Baffert never ran out of entries, and if Mucho Gusto does best, then he might start this year with a bang!

The last reserve runner that is now part of the 2020 Pegasus contenders is Magic Wand. He was hailed as the recent winner for the Mackinnon Stakes held last November 09, 2019. This time, he joined Diamond Oops and Mucho Gusto as the top contenders who earned the highest odds value for the 2020 Pegasus betting.

Completing the 12 official lists of invitees for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup are Higher Power, War Story, Mid Court, McKinzie, Seeking the Soul, Omaha Beach, Mr.Freeze, True Timber, Tax, Spun To Run, and Math Wizard. Aside from that, the fans can also expect reserve runners which comprise of Tenfold and BodExpress.


The recent changes in the official invitees for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup surprised many fans and bettors. As Gift Box, Roadster, and Maximum Security declined the run in the 2020 Pegasus, will it still be an excellent season this year? Will the remaining invitees be able to retain the level of performance expected  from the Pegasus World Cup  competition? Let’s witness everything when the racing starts.

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