New gambling regulations approved in Germany

New iGaming regulations which will legalize online casino and poker from July 2021 were approved by German legislators. Also the new regulatory authority was decided to be based in Sachsen-Anhalt. The next step means that each of the German state parliaments must ratify the Glücksspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag (GlüNeuRStv) bill, which intends to take the regulated iGaming market into the online betting realm. It also requires approval from the European Commission.

Not many changes have been made in the draft GlüNeuRStV bill that was published for the public. This means that sports betting, online poker and online casino games including slots will be allowed and legalized, they will come with significant restrictions.

Live betting markets in sports betting will be limited on the final result or next scorer. Slots will be subject to a €1 per spin stake limit and must be offered separately to table games, with no auto-play function and no jackpots.

The mandatory deposit limit of €1.000 across all providers first included in the third State Treaty will remain in effect, while operators will not be allowed to advertise between 6 am and 9 pm.

The GlüNeuRStV will come into force in July 2021 and till then the third State Treaty remains in place and the market will stay limited to online betting.

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