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Year of establishment

2017 is a remarkable effort in the gambling industry, dedicated to gather into one website all the bonus opportunities available for online gamblers. In contrast with their name, they aren’t interested only in no deposit bonuses, but in all bonuses offered by online casinos. They’ve done a high degree job so far, the lists are up-to-date and contain real bonus offers, plus many exclusive deals they’ve arranged for their visitors. The layout of the website and the rich content leads to a totally professional piece of work, with more than three years of experience.

If the site is updated

The main menu contains 13 different sections related to bonuses. Of these, three sections (“Software Bonuses”, “Country Bonuses” and “Game Bonuses”) are further divided into sub-sections, so the main categories where you can be guided with just one click are over 30.

Almost all main sections have the same shape. There are “New Bonuses”, “Free Spins”, “Mobile Bonuses”, “Match Bonuses”, “Exclusive Bonuses”, “Win Real Money”, “Anonymous Casinos”, “Bitcoin Bonuses”, “Minimum Deposit Bonuses” and “No Wagering Bonuses” categories, each with a comprehensive list.

Each online casino has a short description (often containing the best bonus offer or the exclusive deal, labeled besides the name). If someone would like to have more information about the casino, there’s a complete review (over 1.000 words!) containing the rating, which is divided into three basic categories (Bonus Rating, Software Rating, Games Rating). If there’s no need for details, the “Claim Bonus” button could lead the user directly to the online casino’s website to start the fun.

 Each category has a helping FAQ (frequently asked questions) section under the list, containing crucial information about casinos terms and conditions and deposit/withdraw policy. There are also a number of blog articles, often featuring new no deposit bonuses and other offers. I counted more than 100 of them.

Special offers

The website is dedicated in special offers (no deposit bonuses, free spins etc.), so there’s no need to comment something more in this section. As an extra offer to the uses we could mention only the multi-language versions of the website. Beyond English, is available also in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and French.

If the user experience is good

The first impression someone gets from the website is that there’s a serious effort. Apart from the logo, which is a crown king caricature, there aren’t any jiggling banners and glamorous sections around. It’s like a professional catalogue, but there’s a fair rating system, which adds to the site’s credibility. It seems like they’d like to substantiate their choices with a lot of details and data, but they also know what users are primarily searching for when visiting such websites: Bonus codes and offers as quickly as possible. So, they try to keep everyone happy.  

If it’s modern

A Rectangle-shaped layout is not a sign of modernity, but you couldn’t also describe this as old fashioned. When searching about casino bonuses you expect to bump into websites with a lot of colors and amazing graphics. This is not one of them. They try to convince the potential gambler with their serious approach on reviews, lists and rating process. They have a point on that, because they follow the hard way. 

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, they don’t seem to care about attracting an audience through social media accounts. There’s no presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other of popular social media. 

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,4) ♠♠♠♠ is undoubtedly an honest effort. They count much on their style, an independent website trying to give accurate information and objective rating about hundreds of online casinos worldwide. The multi-language version is pushing towards the Scandinavian audience, where they have a fair score when it comes to readability. They could try also adding some motion to their frontpage to be more exciting, as a gambling-oriented website should be.

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