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Being on top after nearly 20 years of existence means that you’re like wine: It’s getting more precious as time passes… The Online Betting Guide website (abbreviated as and since known as this, for user’s convenience) has developed through the years to become one of the most credible and complete guides you’ll find on the internet, containing all the information you need, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.

If the site is updated

You don’t have to do much searching to confirm. The most updated section is without any doubt the “Free Tips & Tipsters”, where you’d find a lot of free experts picks about sports competition during the specific day: Football, Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Cricket, volleyball, tennis, more than 20 different sports are carefully monitored and viewed by OLBG experts. The page is updated regularly even within minutes. There’s also a list with the best tipsters to choose from and a separate “Acca” section, for those trying to win big with small stakes.

The “Betting Strategy” section contains some of the most interesting views about betting strategy. There are three sub-sections: “betting blogs” where some of the top tipsters share hundreds of views about betting systems and tips, “betting school” with more than 60 of articles about all aspects of betting theory and “betting forum”, a podium containing nearly 60.000 topics (!), where all registered users could start a topic about anything concerning betting or the betting industry in general.

Special offers

One of the most popular sections at OLBG website is the “Free Bets & Offers” one. There a user can find all recent online bookmakers promotions (loyalty bonuses, free bets, risk free bets, back-up bets, paid-in-cash bets, deposit bonuses etc.). As this is a high traffic page, there’s always an indicator, calculating the “new offers”, tempting all users have a look and start new betting accounts according to their interests.

There’s also the “Best Bookies” section, where visitors can find more than 60 different bookmakers reviews. To be more unimpeachable, the rating process is deeply affected by user’s reviews, which the website cannot cloak or amplify. All rating procedure is explained after the list, in “How the Ratings Work” paragraph. But, since they’re a team with vast experience in the betting industry, I would prefer their own views count more in the power ratings. Of course there’s a “Conclusion” section in the reviews, where all pros and cons are gathered.

Another special offer requires membership. If a visitor becomes a member, he could compete in various tipsters competitions, offering high prizes depending on winning bets. A complete list with all tipsters is available, along with a list with prizes offered.

If the user experience is good

OLBG website is something like a candy shop for a little boy: There’re a lot of tempting sweets to taste. Personally, whenever I visit the website for a reason I find myself wandering from one section to another, dawdling around. The quality of information offered is top, even to experienced punters. After all, OLBG wasn’t created back in 2002 just to accommodate some advertising banners, but to give valuable help to bettors around the world.

If it’s modern

Well, you can say that again. Through the years the website has been rejuvenated many times (usually once in 2-3 years), adding new sections and sub-sections and experimenting with new colors and shape. The original minimal white-blue platform has been replaced with large-photo backgrounds, carousel-formed articles and rectangle-shaped windows. Now it’s one of the most modern-shaped websites.

A visitor can reach the OLBG website by a specific mobile phone application. You have to register in order to download it, but you can have unlimited access to website contains.

If it’s social media friendly

As already mentioned, the OLBG is actually a network of websites operating in 15 different countries: United Kingdom, Australia, England, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Sweden. This bucket of websites ensures a high traffic. This should be the main reason of minimum social media presence. The Twitter account has some 46.000 followers and it’s active with more than 130.000 tweets so far. However, the Facebook page has only a couple of hundreds followers. Instagram account has more than 4.300 followers.

If banner positions are good

There are no ads in OLBG website, apart from bookmakers review. This is much promotion on its own, though. A member can also place a bet from the website itself, as it’s automatically connected to all online bookmakers.

Final Score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠♠ 

OLBG is one of the top locations for punters around the world. Whether you’d like to be informed about latest offers and promotions, check out a new entry into betting business or be informed about new betting strategies, you can find it. 

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