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1995 claims to be one of the world’s most trusted sources from objective popularity ranks of approximately 4,000 online gaming sites. This may sound a cocky description, but it isn’t. As one of the first websites dedicated to gambling, launched back in 1995, deserves the title of “pioneer” when it comes to websites of this kind, monitoring and reviewing all gambling sites.

Based on their vast experience and huge content (the numbers of reviewed gambling sites, although extraordinary, are real) they still attract a vast audience among gambling enthusiasts, especially from the US but also from the global market. Their style of work could have been used as a role model for many others who launched similar websites later.

If the site is updated

Updates are the website’s big plus. There is continuous monitoring and measuring of the actual site usage of millions of online players. The website also provides multiple daily updates and a list of links to late-breaking news related to online gaming in general and the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act in particular.

The main menu is lateral, rather than “classic” horizontal. There are various categories to choose, based on popularity and different games. “Online Slots”, “Live Dealer Games” and “Online Casinos” refer exactly to casino games, but there are also categories such as “Online Poker”, “Online Bingo”, “Games”, “Lotteries”, “Sports & Racebooks” and “Fantasy Sports”. For those trying to experiment with other ways of gambling there also a “Forex” section. 

Each section contains comprehensive lists of the best gambling sites. The first recommended website on the list appears immediately, but if you’d like further search there’s another page with huge and more specific lists. For example, in the “Online Slots” page there are sub-sections about “Slots with Progressive Jackpots”, “Slots with Bonus Rounds”, “Slots with Free Spins” etc. and also list containing the Top 10 Most Popular Slot Themes and Top Slot Game Providers.

In the main menu you can find additional categories such as “Binary Options”, “Betting Exchanges” and “Spread Bettinh”, as long as other, more general categories giving valuable information. These are “Gaming Jurisdictions”, “Gaming Site Owners”, “Gaming Software” and “Payment Methods”.

There’s also an impressive “Online Gaming News” section. This is really helpful not only for potential players, but also for gambling industry professionals, as there’s up-to-date and extensive news about all matters concerning websites, gaming platforms, betting companies etc.

Special offers philosophy is not alluring visitors with a bunch of casino offers and bonuses. Rather than that, they focus on offering exclusive bonuses for their visitors. Actually there’ no such variety, but every bonus offer existing there is worthy.

If the user experience is good

Being around for more than two decades deserves honorable mention. They’re used to fill in the various categories with huge content and they have an easy-to-find structure, you won’t need more than a couple of minutes to understand how to search. Over the years they seem to get rid of all useless things and keep only those that matter.

The big plus is that through the automatic ip identification the website seems like custom-made. All selections are based on your language, location and preferred currency. Of course you can edit your preferences, but this saves a lot of time in searching.

If it’s modern

How about “if it’s vintage”? The structure is like a time-machine travel over to mid-90s. Especially the lateral menu is the website’s must. Let alone the structure is more mobile-friendly nowadays, I’m sure that the administrators insisted of keeping it as it is and not trying to change it. They could have done it easily, but they would have lost all this legacy from the past.

If it’s social media friendly

There’s no presence at all. Actually, they don’t need it. Being steadily under the #200.000 barrier on metrics proves that they have huge numbers of daily visitors.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the recommended websites themselves, there’s only one lateral banner on the opposite side of the main menu. They insist on quality over quantity.

Final Score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

Enough said already. is a leader in worldwide gambling community. They’re operating as a fully professional website and are interesting from beginners to experts.

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