Playing online slots is amazing and comfortable

For some people slot machines are “strictly for the ladies”. For others, they are completely addictive, regardless of gender. For me, they are one of the most exciting type of casino games! Especially when we talk about online casinos, thanks to the endless variety of slots, you can spend a little bit of your time every day, trying your luck and your tactics.

Software companies have developed slots for every taste, every age and every type of player. The traditional, but at the same time somewhat older player, who registers in an online casino, has in mind the good old slot machines with the sound of the reels and the dramatic expectation of the winning combination in the one and only winning line: the historical three cherries or three pears or three bells or three BAR etc.

The next traditional players’ class (40 to 50 years old) knows well enough the slots with more winning lines, 5 in number, the hold option and the ability to increase your bet, with more chances to win (and of course to lose). They enjoy the images of victory, the bells, the BARs, the BANK and the big sound of the siren in case of a big profit. So a click on the “classic slots” button and you are automatically transported to this time, which many loved and have never forgotten.

Over time, the winning lines reached 50 and more and the slots became more impressive, looking like video games. The new generation of players has other requirements, and the companies have not been idle. VLTs (Video Lottery Terminal) giants for traditional casinos such as Novomatic, Aristocrat, Balli and other companies have rolled out all their successful games online. Thus, many of the players who, for various reasons do not have the opportunity to go to a traditional casino (legislation, distance, etc), can have fun play online slots from home.

Land based casino slots are no different from online ones (in fact the rtp in the online slots is sometimes bigger). But in a land-based casino you don’t have the flexibility or the opportunity to choose between so many providers. Moreover, there is always the likelihood that you will not find an available slot machine or that the one that you like is taken by another player. Finally, let’s not forget that you need to stay for many hours in one place and not even have the chance for a small break.

At the same time, companies that make slots exclusively for online providers raise the bar every day by releasing games with amazing graphic interface (now 3D), paying huge sums for royalties and building branded platforms so that the product is recognizable by the player. The slots have become so interesting that the player often feels not just participating, but also actually living in the game.

The online jackpot slot machines (progressive or non-progressive) are making the experience of playing online slots even more exiting. The jackpot game “lovers” are thrilled with the variety of the games provided and enjoy every minute spent on them.

As technology is moving forward, playing online slots from mobile is growing day by day. A new generation of casino players is here, 100% mobile friendly. Actually, it is easier for them to play from a mobile than a computer or laptop. All they need to do is download an application and can play online slots from everywhere. They can take a small break whenever they want and by using the app, they can spend some time hunting their luck.

Choosing the operator and the game provider in our days is not an easy decision. The operator should have a high-level web and mobile version of the casino. There are so many interesting games to choose from, that, frankly speaking, players are confused. If you want to be sure for your decision, I suggest that you choose a secure operator to spend some time and go through the slot machines that “catch your eye” and play the demo versions. Of course, you can always read the online reviews, or if you are a new generation player, follow the tweets.

Whichever of the above suggestions you choose, keep in mind that slot machines and gambling is for fun. You don’t have to spend hours playing, you don’t have to get angry or change your game every two minutes. Create your favourite list and go through it anytime you are playing. If you feel that you are not lucky, choose another online slot and if is not you lucky day just stop.

The excitement that a slot machine provides to a player, especially when he  gets a combination of symbols that he has been hunting for a long time, or gets a good win, is unique and difficult for other types of players to understand (card game players or sportsbook ones).

Playing with slots is as if you were in a mind game. You need to have a strategy, a method and not be greedy. There are days when you will win and there are days when you will lose. Try to keep the balance right and do not try to force a game into winning, when you are losing. Stop and try again the next day. Moreover, when you are winning, be wise and stop playing when you are still relaxed.

Over the years, a rumour has spread that the logic of the slot machine operation is that there are some people who “feed” it and that at some point, it gives back. This is an urban myth you should not believe. With this logic, you will simply become the one who “feeds” waiting for the moment when the system will give you back the money you lost.

If you notice the “behaviour” of the slot machine regarding RTP (return to player), although it is RNG (Random Generated Numbers), it is not unfair. You can lose your 10 Euros immediately if you bet 2 Euros per hit, but you can also win 10 Euros if you have patience and bet 20 pens for a hit.

Respect the slots machine and don’t ask more than can give

Stay humble, play moderately, and have as much fun as you can!

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