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The Regulated Portuguese Online Gambling Market Continues to Grow

The online gambling industry is taking the world by storm, and even more so in Portugal. Punters access some of the biggest names in online gambling from their smartphones, laptops, tablets and just about any gadget they can get their hands on.

But it is not only the convenience of accessing casinos that have seen the industry boom in recent years. The inclusion of sports betting and the readiness of the government to allow the activity are but two factors that also play a role in the massive growth the industry has seen in Portugal over the past couple of months.

While there are global online casino companies accessed in Portugal, Portuguese citizens are also gaining access to local review sites such as Mister Casino as well as locally owned platforms.

Increase in Portuguese Casinos

The SRIJ reports that several new licenses were granted during Q2. This is evident in some of the locally owned and run casino ratings and reviews sites such as Mister Casino. Here, punters can gain some information on some of the most popular Portuguese gambling sites.

Companies and legal betting platforms like Nossa Aposta, Casino Portugal and Casino Solverde are reaping the rewards as can be seen in the official SRIJ report. The report also includes an analysis of some illegal sites (25 in total) that have been identified and state that these entities have been notified to stop their services with immediate effect.

The remaining Portuguese online casinos can continue doing business as usual as they have complied with all the regulations.

Global Companies Open Shop

Some of the biggest names in online gambling have also decided to infiltrate the Portuguese gambling market. Needless to say, these operators have to comply with SRIJ regulations and legislation by obtaining the correct licenses to operate in Portugal.


Betano received the green light from SRIJ in Q1 of 2019 and has been operating legally in Portugal for the past couple of months. Betano has also signed a sponsorship deal with a major football club, SC Braga.


The 888 brand is well-known throughout the world and has also decided to set up shop in Portugal and have done so successfully, complying with all the rules and regulations.

Increase in Online Gaming Activity

The report shows a massive increase in revenue over the last year, indicating that Portuguese punters are enjoying online gaming even more. This can also be because they have more than 18 locally owned and regulated online casino platforms to choose from.

The official SRIJ report states that there had been an increase of 3.2 thousand in registrations during Q2 this year, amounting to a total of 297 thousand registered punters. During Q1 2019 the total of newly registered players stood at 318 thousand.

According to SRIJ, the majority of these gamers spent their time betting on sports (49.1%), with those focusing on games of chance coming in second (35.5%).

Growth in Revenue

Q2 is reported to be the most successful since Portugal started regulating online gambling activities back in 2017. The total Gross Revenue for Q2 is standing at a staggering €48.3 million, indicating growth in revenue of over 10 million.

Gambling in general accounts for about 53% of the total gross revenue, whereas sports betting garnered a gross revenue of 47.7% or a total of around €23 million.

Most Popular Betting Activities in Q2 2019

From the SRIJ report, it is clear to see that the most popular gambling activity in the whole of Portugal is sports betting. According to the report, 71% of the total percentage of sports bets placed was placed on football, making it the highest-grossing bet type in the country.

Other sports making up the total percentage of sports bets include Tennis (16.38%) and Basketball (7.50%).

The total of bets placed on regular casino games for Q2 is standing at an impressive 67% of total bets placed during the period. The most popular online casino games seem to be French Roulette and Tournament poker, which makes out 13.5% and 11.4% of all online bets.

Judging by the stats shared by SRIJ, it is easy to see that the Portuguese online casino industry is displaying a sloping trajectory, indicating steady growth. This indicates a favorable climate for global gambling companies as well as the Portuguese government.

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