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Super Free Slot Games is an independent slots comparison site. They’re operated by Little Star Media. During the ten years of its existence, it has been nominated several times for the EGR Casino Affiliate of the Year award and they work only with UK licensed brands. 

They find the latest free slots and no deposit slots offers for you, as well as exclusive deals. They also provide information about the latest slots and casino news, with info on new game releases and hot promos, handy site reviews and easy step-by-step guides to help visitors claim free and bonus slots money quickly and easily.

If the site is updated

I could assume that all sections presenting online casinos, offers and bonuses, are fully updated. After all, this is the website’s main function, to receive and promote the latest benefits for a potential customer. There is no exact date when offers and reviews are released to the website (this seldom happens in these websites, anyway), so a visitor couldn’t tell if an offer stands there for months or just days. However, the “Free Slot News” section is not updated regularly. There is a small number of articles (in fact there are press releases from online casinos) and hasn’t been updated for months.

Special offers

This is the portal’s big plus. Based on their 10-year experience, they’ve created a website fully dedicated to offers, what the vast majority of visitors is looking about.  There’s also a sign of superiority compared to others: the “Exclusives” section. They’ve succeeded in bagging some exclusive deals, not found anywhere else. These offers come from well-known casinos and are truly valuable.

Apart from this “Exclusive” section (containing only a handful of the casinos present) the website has also all the other offers, divided in sections: Deposit Slots, Free Slots and Free Wagering. As they review only casinos based in the UK, there isn’t a huge variety, but rather selected online casinos.

If the user experience is good

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled surfing into superfreeslotgames.com. There aren’t many exciting things there. Online casinos are presented most like a catalogue, with all rectangles around and no curves. But the way of thinking is clear: Find what you want easily and quickly, don’t be confused with many jingles and pop-ups and moving around. There’s a sense of minimality, as if the website administrators want the visitor to focus mainly on the content and not the way of presenting it. If this is their goal, they’re achieving in completely.

If it’s modern

There are some modern touches, the main one being the hidden menu. In contrast with many other online casino portals, there’s not a horizontal menu with a lot of sections, but a hidden one, present on demand on visitor’s screen. That’s a menu more fitting on mobile phones and tablets rather than desktops. Also cookies information and an advertising offer are presented through pop-up windows. Main color is white, creating a sense of clearness and optimism.

If it’s social media friendly

There’s a lot of work to be done to achieve this “social media friendly” status. At the down right side of the front page there are Facebook and Twitter buttons, inviting the user for an immediate visit. Unfortunately, the Facebook account seems closed, so this button leads to a dead page. The Twitter account is active with some 8.000 followers and about same number of tweets, but the last of them was at late July, 2019. There wasn’t much action anyway.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the online casino reviews, there are no banners in the website. However, the way of presenting the casinos gives an opportunity for instant access (through the “Claim your Bonus” button), so there’s no need for ads. The background banners on the left and right side are not used for an online casino, but for the website itself.

Final Score (4,4) ♠♠♠♠

You don’t have to spend much time on superfreeslotgames.com. A glance at the offers and a visit at the “Exclusives” section, to be informed about the offers the website has, should be enough. They’re focusing on quantity, as they claim they have more than 7.500 daily visits. Their way of thinking is unambiguous, though, and that’s something I appreciate.

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Contact details

Affiliate’s name: Superfreeslotgames

Company Website: https://www.superfreeslotgames.com

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperFreeSlots

Contact or Affiliate Manager: https://www.superfreeslotgames.com/contact/

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