Technologies Expected to Innovate Online Gambling

If there is one industry that is always looking to innovate it is gambling. Casino operators were quick to spot the opportunities that the internet offered quickly followed by mobile gaming. Each provider is locked in an arms race to use the latest technology to provide gamblers with the best possible experience. This trend is set to accelerate and here are several technologies that look set to innovate online gambling in the near future.

Virtual Reality

One area that software companies are constantly looking to improve is immersion. The deeper a player can go into a gaming experience, the better it can be. What could be more immersive than Virtual Reality?

Imagine slipping on a headset and being able to walk around a virtual casino, exploring the rooms and interacting with other users. We have had a taste of this at Slots million’s and a few online slots, but developers have only scratched the surface of what is possible.


There are numerous benefits of banking with crypto at online casinos. These include things like speed, low/no fees, anonymity, and the opportunity to make more money if the value rises. At the moment there are a few casinos that offer crypto payments – predominantly in bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies include:

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Stellar Lumens
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Doge coin

As crypto moves into the mainstream we can expect this service to be expanded to be used at more casinos with a wider range of alternative cryptocurrencies.


Mobile devices and smartphones have revolutionised so many aspects of our lives that it is hard to remember what we did without them. Mobiles come with so many benefits, such as convenience and anonymity, that they are the most popular way of gambling online. Across the board, more people access the internet via a smartphone than they do by desktop computers now. This fact has not passed gambling providers by who ensure that new casinos and new games are optimised to fit any screen size. More players than ever means more money into the system resulting in bigger progressive jackpots. It also provides developers with more resources and incentive to create games that are bigger and better with each year.

New Games

The domination of 3×3 fruit slots is long gone. While developers still make these sorts of games, they also make games that would blow the minds of players from the past. Slots are created with 9 reels and more, and millions of winning ways! On the live gaming side, developers such as Evolution Gaming are pushing boundaries with each and every release. Bigger games mean bigger payouts, bigger thrills, and even more fun. Add in the social aspects that live and virtual gaming offers and the results are new games that are light years away from what we had in the past.

Human Behaviour

The way that people’s behaviour is affecting online gambling works in tandem with technological changes. Widespread adoption of mobile gambling has moved this popular pastime more into the mainstream and opened doors to more potential customers. The anonymous nature and the ease of participation mean that more people are getting into gambling. Online casino sites let people play anywhere with no restrictions on things like dress code or the need to leave the house at all. Modern gamers also have much higher expectations than players of the past. This puts pressure on developers to come up with unique games and features as they race to keep up with demand. The result is an endless line up of new games to quench an insatiable desire for novelty.


Online gambling is one of those exciting industries that is constantly changing, growing, innovating, and reinventing itself. It is also a sector that works hand in hand with technology. As technology progresses so does online gambling.

As this change is occurring at an exponential rate, there is no telling what gamblers will be doing ten, or even five years in the future. We can confidently forecast that future gambling will be more mobile, immersive, and exciting than we can possibly imagine.

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