The virus outbreak in China had turned Macau into Ghost town

Macau, a famed gambling heaven for those enjoying casino games has been deserted due to the Coronavirus outbreak across China. All over the mainland, where gambling is illegal, the gaming lovers turn to Macau to enjoy their favorite games. While tourists also favor the gambling haven as their prime destination for all their gambling needs. The city, usually full of vibrant colors and entertainment now resembles a ghost town as the tourists are taking a step back from their visit to China and the Chinese residents stay away from public places altogether.

The virus has greatly affected the Chinese economy, putting the tourist industry in great danger due to the deadly virus.

Consequences of the virus outbreak

The deserted streets and empty casinos, which are usually filled with people who are celebrating the lunar new year and enjoying some time off and playing casino games, the town is now empty and grey in midst of the outbreak.

It’s not just the efforts of the tourists and locals to stay away, but the government has issued an official statement calling for implementing the measures to keep the visitors away and contain the new coronavirus. The gambling scene in Macau, while not on top of its game was still a huge part of the economy has acquired thousands of loyal players over the years. While the online casinos are taking over, attracting the majority of the younger players to play on their venues, the real-life casinos seem less and less appealing. Vegas Slots Online is one of the websites offering all the selection of the games available at the real-life casinos, so it’s not surprising that the industry as a whole isn’t suffering because people can still use the online venues. But there’s still a huge market for the people who prefer playing in real life and Macau, for the longest time was the prime source of these games for people living in China or wanting to experience the Gambling Capital of the east for themselves.

How is the government coping

The local government is trying to curb the number of visitors and the arrivals have already dropped by 70%. At this point, the Chinese economy was already struggling and the sudden outbreak is bound to bear more severe consequences on China’s financial state. Macau, while only a small part of China’s territory, is of great importance to the entertainment industry and contributes quite a lot to the economy. Gambling is very popular even though it is illegal on the mainland. Not only are they popular among gambling lovers, but just like vegas, it is a tourist destination. Macau offers a lot of entertainment outside of gambling, has multiple luxurious dining experiences among entertaining shows and performances. The results of the outbreak will be extra visibly because, during the aforementioned Lunar New Year, Macau experiences the record number of visitors but considering the circumstances, the analysts are predicting the 30% drop in gaming revenue that will likely continue up until the restriction of flights and incoming visitors will stay in place.

China’s gambling industry as a whole has taken a huge toll with many casino experiences, the drop in shares by 5-6% and all the entertainment centers that are usually packed with people are now fully empty.

Local government has ordered all tourists to leave the city immediately but according to the recent news 270 of them still remain in Macau. The transportation question is quite diverse because while it’s obvious that people do need to get out of there is a danger of spreading the virus even further and making the situation worse in many parts of the world.

Through the panic around the outbreak, casinos were still working but all the restaurants and eating facilities were shut down. There is no clear plan of what will happen with the gambling capital in the upcoming weeks. It will depend on whether or not China will be able to contain the virus and prevent a disastrous outbreak from becoming worse.

The gambling industry, specifically Macau has suffered great losses during the outbreak and it’s hard to tell whether or not the recovery will happen soon since right now we have no information about the current state of the outbreak and whether or not it will be contained in the following weeks at, least, Meanwhile the local government is responsible for keeping the risk of the virus spreading to the minimum by keeping the place shut for the newcomers.


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