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ThumbsUpBonus is made up of a team of experienced casino, slots and bingo lovers who want to showcase the best sites in an easy and understandable way. They research our showcased brands thoroughly to truly show and explain the best places to play at.

If the site is updated

ThumbsUpBonus doesn’t have the ‘News’ section, has a limited social presence and doesn’t provide users with updates history anywhere on the website. So it was difficult to pick up a trace of how often the website is updated. But we spotted two new reviews (each for Bingo and Casino) already published in June, and we can also guarantee that there’s a lot of valuable content already posted at Thumbsupbonus.com.

Special offers

ThumbsUpBonus has done a high number of reviews on Casino, Slots, Bingo and Sports sites. They all include bonus information so users have good insight regarding available offers in the various sectors of the gambling world. There are also links available to Casino and Bingo bonuses wherein each case three top bonuses are recommended.

If the user experience is good

Yes, although the website has some shortcomings here and there. But since major sections are filled with quality content and reviews published on the website are usually very nicely done we shouldn’t complain too much. For visitors stepping into the gambling world for the first time ‘Guides’ section deserves a mention. It’s more of a glorified ‘FAQ’ with a 27 questions answered there.

If it is modern

For the website created in 2017, ThumbsUpBonus is surprisingly a very basic looking. For example, no ‘Search’ function was implemented, which made preparing this review a little bit trickier than usual. There’s plenty of links to various sections using the top and the bottom bar, but sometimes it can be quite confusing as they seem to overlap heavily.

If it is social media friendly

Unfortunately, not really. Only Facebook is available but with only five updates this year and none since March 5 it looks more like a decoy.

If banner positions are good

ThumbsUpBonus doesn’t seem to show any interest in placing banners.

Final score (4,0) ♠♠♠♠

Basic looking website and lack of social media presence have forced us to lower a score a little bit. Still, ThumbsUpBonus deserves a visit, especially from users looking for reviews of Casino/Bingo/Slot/Poker sites or bonus information offered by them.

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Contact details

Affiliate’s name: ThumbsUpBonus

Company Website: ThumbsUpBonus.com

Contact of Affiliate Manager: James Robinson – contactus@thumbsupbonus.com

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thumbsupbonus/

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