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What is wrong with you guys?

When conversation is about football and national teams, I confess I am happy I am not from England! They did it again, losing one more time a match that would take them to a final. The only improvement is that it’s not penalty shootout anymore, but overtime.

It is unbelievable that the country that boasts the best league in the world can have so poor results with their national team, but everything has an explanation. England may look like a modern and alternative place to live, but all this ends in London and the big cities. England, generally, is a very conservative society. They hardly change something, regarding their lifestyle and this of course includes the English Football Association.

They tried to modernize, but at the end they did not make the big leap. They are always overestimating the value of their national team and choosing, as it seems, a coach that cannot bring the team together. If any of you still wonder what is wrong with the national team of England, I recommend this awesome movie: Mike Bassett, England Manager https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0282744/.

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